Monday, September 13, 2010

So, remember when I used to Blog?

It was recently brought to my attention that I have neglected this blog for a while and that some people actually do read it looking for updates about my life & family and that I'm a big slacker basically! A lot has happened in our lives recently and I'm not going to go into all the changes right now, basically because I don't feel like typing that much this morning, but I will write that update soon I promise!!

This weekend we had out annual (this is our 3rd year) JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) 5k family fun walk. I raised $110 this year! Thank you so much to those who donated to me!! The walk was a blast, as usual! It's through this gorgeous park and you walk along one side of this beautiful creek and then cross it at a bridge and walk back up the other side
so it's just really pretty and always ends up being fun, some really good friends participate in this too (they're the ones that made us start doing it!) and it's just great. After the walk, JDRF provides lunch for everyone that walked and we were sitting there talking and eating and two of my girlfriends were talking about the Race for the Cure that was to take place on Sunday. THey had both pre-registered and paid $30 to do that 5k. Carrie was saying to Corrie, "dude, just admit it, you're not gonna make it!!" Corrie responded with a grin and, "dude, I paid $30 of course I'm gonna make it!!!" The conversation continued and I learned the following facts:

1. The last two years both had registered to go to Race for the cure
2. Neither of them have ever actually attended the Race for the Cure
3. Corrie was going to lay sod the rest of the day and would probably be too tired/sore to actually go to the Race for the Cure this year as well
4. Which would mean that Carrie wouldn't go either

I offered to go in Corries place and that's what ended up happening. Now, when I do the JDRF walk it's on a relatively flat path, and I have the kids, a stroller and a dog so we definitely have to pause several times along the way. The Race for the Cure takes place at Garden of the Gods, here's the route map:
What they don't show/tell you is that this route is going up and down an enormous freakin hill!!! In addition to the added physical strain we also didn't have any dogs or kids to slow us down so we just booked it and walked a lot faster than I've ever done a JDRF walk. It was still fun and we decided by mile 2 that we'd definitely earned a beer for this! We finished up and then went to Ruby Tuesdays which now serves brunch and shared a steak and egg breakfast and I had a champagne cocktail while Carrie had a Ragin' Cajun Spicy Bloody Mary. Good times!!

Then I spent the rest of the day plopped on the couch trying to stretch my legs as much as possible and watching football. Ironically I don't usually ever watch football but since my new co-workers did a fantasy football league and I decided to join in, I was watching the games and specifically my players that are on my team and then Guido and I were texting back and forth about different plays and their effect on my teams overall score. The 49ers crappy game definitely hurt me A LOT in overall points for this week, but I guess we'll see how the season goes. I promise I'll write more about the new job, hubby's new position, the dog, the kids, etc. SOON!!! xoxo

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