Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The short version? A dolphin trainer at Sea World. That's what I thought would be the most awesomest job EVER!! In fact when I was in 3rd-5th grades we lived in California and we had season passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I remember dragging my whole family all the time. I learned that in order to be a dolphin trainer that I needed to get a degree in Marine Biology. I was all gung-ho that it was what I was destined to be.

Of course, in retrospect that was probably an unreasonable hope. First of all, I got a 'D' in biology in highschool, this was caused largely because I moved from a non-technological school to a technology magnet school in march the end of my Sophomore year. I had never used PowerPoint and like 50% of the grade was dependent on this big presentation that had to use powerpoint. Mine didn't work, I got a really bad grade, hence the D in biology.

Of course there were several other factors at work during that time in my life, (high school I mean) and when it came to the college tour out of state schools were made not an option. The money issue was a pretty big thing and my mother is pretty controlling so me going to school somewhere that involved a plain to get to wasn't going to happen. So, instead of going to college at UNC in Greeley I had the brilliance to get knocked up, after my senior prom actually, and instead of heading off to school in the fall of 2001 I was preparing for having a baby, at 17 years old.

Since then I've worked jobs that I thought were very OKAY, I mean, nothing that I would be thrilled to be doing for the rest of my life. A lot of collections, a lot of customer service, some fast food/restaurant experience in there. I did go back to school in 2004 and I finished my bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis on Project Management in April of 2009. I have been unemployed since July 2008. So right now I'm a stay at home mom, not exactly loving it anymore but haven't found a job yet. I did have an interview for a position that I find really exciting and really hope to get but for now, I'm waiting and hoping and keeping my fingers crossed!!

Some pictures...with comments....

I'm bored and I have paint on my computer (as does every human being I suppose) and so here's some stuff.....

this picture was taken during a garage sale that we had at my mom's house last year....we had a good time, sold some crap, and I decided to dress up briefly as the halloween fairy...apparently..... So here's the evidence of that.....(also, no alcohol involved in this decisions...)

now, in playing on the paint program, there is an option for you to invert the colors of the picture with the click of a button....I did....this is the result....note the difference in the appearance of the facial normal and nice...the other...SCARY!!!

this was taken the last time I saw my little brother perform in drag, he goes by the name Chastity and he is totally AWESOME!!!

Here's Gage in all his awesomeness...and I'm serious about that remote!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh CRAP!!!

So, on Tuesday my friend Rudy and I were running errands and one of our stops was PetSmart because that's where I get my cat food. While we were there I noticed that they had bacon and cheese flavored beggin' strips on sale and I though, "what the heck! He loves cheese, I bet he'll love the cheese + bacon flavor!" So I picked up a bag. When we got Buster he came with a bag of California naturals food it's actually herring and sweet potato flavored. Now I looked at PetSmart and couldn't find this food there so I assumed it was going to be like a Whole Foods kind of dog food that would be way expensive, knowing that we could probably find him a different kind of dog food that was more in our price range, we decided to change his food. He also has very, very dry skin that leaves him itching a lot so we tried a few different things and came up with a combo that was working pretty well. 1 cup Purina Beneful (much cheaper but still good for his coat!) 1 cup the California Naturals (just until it's gone) 1/4 can of chicken and rice wet food and 1 tablespoon of olive oil (for his coat!).

So, with all this in mind, when we bought his first dog treats I got him all natural treats with wheat, carrots, chicken, cranberries and peas and they actually smell like apples. It's kind of weird but he's been eating them for a few weeks now and likes them. So when I saw the bacon flavored beggin' strips I thought Buster would be thrilled! I brought them home and tried to give him one. He sat down and then I held it in front of his nose, he sniffed it a few times and then just stared at me. Gage took the treat from my hand and kind of half shoved it in Buster's mouth and still he wouldn't take it. I kind of laughed and got out one of his apple scented treats and held that out to him, he took it quickly and went into the living room. This caused me to send out the following text: dog....there's something wrong with hiim... I mean I've never even heard of something like this before....he doesn't like bacon!!!!!

I got varied responses ranging from 'WTF!!!' to 'you have a defective dog' and it was all good. When Eric came home he didn't believe me about the bacon so he attempted to give Buster a bacon flavored treat, this time though, Buster must have had a change of heart because after a minutes hesitation he carried the bacon into the living room and laid it on the floor, then after another minute he ate the treat. So at this point, we're thinking, "maybe he's just never had that before?!?!" who knows.

Well, I know you guys have been wondering about the title and where this whole post is going and here's the wonderful piece of wisdom I acquired and am passing on to you, "if your brand new dog lives on a very healthy, fruit/vegetable and lean protein diet and he is hesitant to eat something that is flavored with bacon, it's his way of telling you that it's not that he doesn't LIKE bacon, it's that bacon doesn't necessarily sit well in his stomach"

That's right y'all.....EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!!!!

I cleaned up so much poop yesterday it's ridiculous because along with this discovery, Buster decided to really break out of his box and show me some new things yesterday.

1) although he will stay in the living room (which has laminate flooring and an area rug that's ours as in, we won't have to pay the landlord if it gets stained) all night long, just fine, but if I leave for 45 minutes to take the kids to school and Buster has diarrhea he will jump the gate and run up the stairs so that he can poop on the carpet in the hallway.

2) apparently he can't go diarrhea outside because he's embarrassed about the farting noises that he makes so he will wait until you're done walking him outside and then jump the gate and run upstairs and poop on the carpet in the hallway.

3) also, did I mention that when Buster poops on the carpet in the hallway that my cats have to retaliate-poop so they can still claim the upstairs hallway as their territory? Well, they do.

I took him outside to poop so many times last night it was ridiculous but then, I went from being frustrated to really feeling bad that he'd eaten the treat at all, I felt almost like I DID THIS TO HIM, much like I imagine a mom feels when they give their child peanut butter only to have to rush them to the hospital because of an allergic reaction. Even though there was no way of knowing that this would happen I just am sad that it did.

We had a long, long talk with the kids this morning about not feeding anything to Buster with out express written consent, ever, for any reason. I'm tucking this one in the archives as a live and learn kind of situation and I have to say that now with Gage sleeping on the couch on one side of me and Buster sleeping in the recliner on the other side of me that I'm pretty happy that it all seems to be out of his system, so to speak, and that we're not too much worse for wear. Buster still seems to love us even though we poisoned his asshole.

Now, who wants an almost full bag of cheese and bacon flavored beggin' strips?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

welcome to Sara's world...

So, my modus operandi is basically that I easily make friends with people I work with, go to school with...whatever, but I never have really considered those people like, LIFE LONG friends. It may be because I moved SO much as a kid/teenager but I was never a girl who had 'a whole bunch of girlfriends'. Girls are more obsessive, judgmental, condescending, snarky...

That being said, I'm having issues at this point in time, and I'm not quite sure how to handle them....mixed feelings are very abundant and at this point in my life, I have very VERY little patience for people that are inconsiderate and don't think about what they're saying when they speak...

I guess I'm trying to vent without having a screaming bitch fest because at this point in my life I kind of have adopted a good friends mantra....I hate people.....but I don't hate people...just people that don't think...that's my only alteration..
I'm sad that C (my apparently ex-friend that my brother may or may not be marrying) has caused problems and not appologized for them
I hate what guido is going through
i hate how lonely i am
i'm super glad carrie & I are good
I think that u have to go through some kind of mutual understanding process before u can judge someone & have them respect ur opinion, &/or before u should feel like ur opinion matters
and also, if u ever tell someone who has children that they should not get a small dog because it may choke to death (due to ur lack of housekeeping skills) either, a) have had & raised children and ur talking to someone whose only child died via chocking OR be an amazing pet owner who loves their animals like they are your children (you know, like, you don't put the ones to sleep that annoy you and you don't sell them off it they become inconvenient and buy a puppy insntead.....)

Ironically, I know that the few people that read this blog occassionaly will have NO idea what I'm talking about, and I find that wonderfully comforting!


welcome to Crazyland!

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