Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some pictures...with comments....

I'm bored and I have paint on my computer (as does every human being I suppose) and so here's some stuff.....

this picture was taken during a garage sale that we had at my mom's house last year....we had a good time, sold some crap, and I decided to dress up briefly as the halloween fairy...apparently..... So here's the evidence of that.....(also, no alcohol involved in this decisions...)

now, in playing on the paint program, there is an option for you to invert the colors of the picture with the click of a button....I did....this is the result....note the difference in the appearance of the facial normal and nice...the other...SCARY!!!

this was taken the last time I saw my little brother perform in drag, he goes by the name Chastity and he is totally AWESOME!!!

Here's Gage in all his awesomeness...and I'm serious about that remote!


  1. HA HA!
    That remote will turn up right after you get rid of whatever it controls!

  2. It totally turned up the day after I posted this!! LOL!


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