Friday, January 30, 2009

Worst Weekend EVER

So, Friday I interviewed for a job as a manager for an indoor soccer center. The guy that interviewed me swore during the interview and asked me ILLEGAL questions!! He asked how old I was, if I had kids, how old my kids are and if I was married, how old my husband is, and what kind of work he does. Are you freaking kidding me? It sucked too because he asked me these things and I felt inclined to answer because I really wanted the job, it was a position I thought I would really enjoy working in. I didn't tell him it was illegal to ask me those things as I didn't want to sound threatening and not get the job because of that so I smiled sweetly and crossed my fingers. The interview ended with, "hopefully I'll be calling you on Saturday". So I'm thinking my job chances are looking pretty good.

In the meantime I had been watching my baby very closely after finding out that a trip to visit family in Wyoming resulted in him being exposed to RSV. He'd started coughing on tuesday and we were watching his symptoms get worse and worse, he's cutting teeth to so all around just not a good prognosis. So no phone call on saturday about the job...maybe he'll call sunday?

Wake up sunday morning to discover that Eric had been up with Gage all night in a sitting upright position because that's the only way Gage could breath and then gage started to vomit mucus. OK...emergency room, here we come! My older two boys were at Grandma's house so it was just us and the baby. The doctors got us into an exam room very quickly but then was trying to treat us like young, over-concerned, first time parents that were over-reacting to his being exposed to RSV. After telling us that there is no cure for RSV and really the best thing to take care of him is the good ole' fashioned nose bulb syringe sucker thingy, he looked at my admittedly pathetic looking baby and said that he would do the RSV test, and in the mean time, he decided to do a nebulizer treatment on Gage. And give him some oxygen after his pulse ox level showed that it was really low. After doing that he's like, there, are you happy now? The RSV test hasn't come back yet but see how much better he's doing?

Now, I'm a pretty patient person, but you sir are being a DICK and my kid CAN'T FREAKIN BREATHE!!!!

is what I wanted to say...I didn't, I simply said, I think, if you listen to his chest he's still having problems breathing....Gage was sitting on my lap, face against my chest sleeping a bit, wheezing like crazy...

so then the doctor says, well, there is one final test since the RSV test isn't back yet....and he turns off the oxygen that was helping him breath and leaves the room. Um...ok....the machine starts beeping like crazy because his pulse-ox level, which should be @ 100% is bouncing between 81 and hubby gets annoyed at the noise and doesn't want to wake our little guy who hadn't slept more than 20 minutes at a time for the last two days and shuts off the beeping...then goes and tells the nurse/dr that it's super low. The doctor tells my hubby, "well let's just see where it settles...." two minutes later a nurse comes in, watches it for a minute and turns the oxygen back those two minutes the lack of air caused my little guy to, uh...WAKE UP SCREAMING BECAUSE HE COULDN'T F@#$ING BREATH! UGH!

Needless to say, shortly thereafter we are being admitted. Because well, he DEFINITELY has RSV and is OBVIOUSLY having trouble, well, thank you doctor, your 8 years of medical school did wonders!

Okay, so hospital, us, yes. I could complain about the elderly nurse doing her FIRST EVER round in PEDIATRICS that woke me and Gage up every hour unneccesarily, but really, what would be the point? She had a kind heart and was really trying to help, she just didn't get the memo that sick babies need sleep apparently. So Eric comes back to the hospital monday morning after taking the boys to school and sits with Gage while I catch up on some sleep the doctor tells eric that they're going to continue to keep him on oxygen until he starts getting better. okay...

So we wait, all day, no doctor, nothing, Eric gets the kids from school and takes them to Grammies house, then comes back to the hospital for his turn at the overnight shift. Apparently hubby got the priveledge of having the most wonderful nurse in existence! She brought him toys to play with for Gage and a portable oxygen tank so they could play on the big ole bed rather than in the huge metal hospital crib of death and she let him sleep when he was tired, GO AWESOME NURSE!!

Meanwhile, I was driving to grammies to pick up the kids and then going home and going to bed, I had great plans! Unfortunately, due to the crappy ass weather, THIS is what ended up happening:

Yeah! Now we've gone from having 2 cars to having ZERO! And okay, so now how are we going to get the kids to school? How are we going to get Hubbby and Baby home from the hospital? A million things race through your mind after an accident and I guess the most important is that I'm fine, the kids weren't there and we're all okay now.

So that all being said, Gage is home from the hospital and doing much better! My car is in the shop with 9k in damage and apparently it will be at least feb 13th before it's back to me, and I didn't get the job from the illegal interviewer guy.

This weekend looks much more promising, Miah & Cody have a b-day party, Eric's Birthday party is tomorrow night and then Sunday is the superbowl or to me, great commercial day!

Here's hoping that January is no indication of how this year is going to go!

Friday, January 9, 2009

so....I was thinking....

Ya, I had a thought, I know, it was lonely...I'm blonde, heard it!!!! Okay, so anyways, what is the problem with safe fun? I love driving, I love driving at excessive speeds, and I LOVE getting there faster than the guy next to me! LOVE IT! Especially when it's a sixteen year old punk that looks over at me at the stop light and gives me that, "are you ready to see the SIZE OF MY ENGINE" look, and then I KICK HIS @$$~~~LOVE IT!!

Okay, so, that being said, in my early driving years, I had 2 accidents, one I was rear-ended and the other, I rear ended someone else. In all fairness, the first accident a dog ran in the middle of the road and I was 17 and had just found out I was going to be a mommy so OF COURSE I braked! The second one was a day where I was taking my, now hubby, to work with both my kids in the back seat of the car which had bald tires and there was an accident on the other side of the road....I was definitely rubber necking and then I knew I needed to stop and slammed on the brakes and then...the bald @$$ tires locked up and I went careening into the back of another car....highly dramatic (tramatic) I think. Anyways, since that second accident I became extremely paranoid about other people driving me around. After all, who is going to be more concerned about my safety, than me? I don't drive in other people's blind spots any more than I have to. I don't accelerate when I see brake lights ahead, I'd rather slow down and risk getting rear-ended, than keep doing what I'm doing and hit a brick wall going 60mph, ya know? This "paranoia" has caused more social strife than I'd care to dig into at this point, but it's interesting to me how driving is so important to some, and so irrelevant to others. My hubby, has NEVER been in an accident, and he was offended when I didn't want him to drive. My mom, has been in several (I have scars...)and she's like, fine, whatever, drive. My little brother Guido always wants to drive my car or me to get into his and my other little bro BGC is just glad that he's going where he wants to.

Is it because people know the statistics on traffic accidents? Is it because we've all had close calls from an errant driver disobeying the traffic laws that almost got us killed? Why do people put so much pride in their ability (or lack their of) to operate an automobile? Is it because when you hear about an accident, you want to be thankful that, you'd never 'be that guy'? I don't know...I guess driving isn't as hard as it seams at first and some people are 'naturals' at it and some have to really work to be able to drive and find the 'safe fun' in it like I do.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009!!

Wow, a new year! My hubby and I were talking about birthdays (being as I'm turning the big TWO FIVE this year)and he's turning 26 just two weeks before me. It's funny, there were times in my life where making it to 18 was the goal and then again when turning 21 was the big goal. Now I'm looking at another milestone age, twenty-five! I surely don't feel old and it's funny because a lot of the people I spend time with are older than me. My buddy James just turned 33 on Christmas Day and my Buddy Chess turned 26. I guess the thing that made me think about was that although it is true that with age comes wisdom, I also know some people don't really need as long to gain the wisdom of having made bad decisions as other people do. I know that I've made some poor decisions and have gotten myself in reall bad situations. Things that if my parents ever knew about they would be horrified!

But haven't we all? I think there comes a time in everyone's life where suddenly you try to figure out why you feel so wrong in your head. I know that a lot of things that I used to worry about (excessively I might add) were only important to me. If the house wasn't spotless, it really didn't matter to the person who came over. If the dishes STILL needed to be washed, it was still OK! I guess that's just part of growing up. At some point you go back and question your parents, you question your morals, your ideals. For instance, why do I claim to be a christian (as I was brought up that way) when I disagree with a lot of the things in the Bible? I think a lot of the teachings in the bible made sense when it was written (ahem...THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO) but a lot of things just don't make sense in this day and age. Why hasn't a new, new testament been added? If God speaks to man and then man writes a book of good teachings then why can't God get on the ball? If there is a master plan and that is for world peace, then man, I'm surely on that wagon! I would love for people to not have huge wars in which millions of people are murdered. I just can't believe that someone is going to rot in hell for eternity for cheating on their wife or being jelous of something someone else has. I also think that if there is a God that truly wants people to be happy then he wouldn't actually require a belief in him. I don't know, it's hard to explain my ideas. I guess I tend to "over analyze" EVERTHING (just ask my hubby!) and a lot of things don't make sense to me. Things like biggotry or racisim or philosophers turning into war bringers. I think a big part of it is ignorance.

It seems like I was more blessed than I ever realized now looking back. I was an Army brat which means that my childhood was spent trapsing about the country, living off and on base and packing and repacking all my earthly possessions and moving them around the country. This had a few consequences to my emotional psychological make-up. First off, people that said they would write almost never did. People of all ages can be really smart, really stupid, really mean, or really funny, irregardless of their religous background, marital status, whether they had kids or not, rich or not, etc. I could never understand how you could become racist when there are so many different kinds of people all over the world. And there are so many resources readily available to study. There are magazines, books, websites, blogs, myspace pages...really we are so priveledged to have access to such a wide variety of un-censored press.

I know that even certain of a few basic things as previously mentioned that I've still seen pants or shoes or belts that I was afraid to buy because they were too "ethnic" looking and what would someone think? Or say? OMG....I'm LMAO right now about how stupid I was! I mean, really, if I care so much about what some stranger might mutter about my clothes and what they might think of me then really, really....that's all my problem!!! I was so lacking in the self esteem department, it was pathetic. I mean really, who doesn't buy something they like for themselves because of something someone MIGHT say! LOL!!! Oh well, I think I'm gonna go shopping and maybe try on some apple bottom jeans.... :~)

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