Friday, January 9, 2009

so....I was thinking....

Ya, I had a thought, I know, it was lonely...I'm blonde, heard it!!!! Okay, so anyways, what is the problem with safe fun? I love driving, I love driving at excessive speeds, and I LOVE getting there faster than the guy next to me! LOVE IT! Especially when it's a sixteen year old punk that looks over at me at the stop light and gives me that, "are you ready to see the SIZE OF MY ENGINE" look, and then I KICK HIS @$$~~~LOVE IT!!

Okay, so, that being said, in my early driving years, I had 2 accidents, one I was rear-ended and the other, I rear ended someone else. In all fairness, the first accident a dog ran in the middle of the road and I was 17 and had just found out I was going to be a mommy so OF COURSE I braked! The second one was a day where I was taking my, now hubby, to work with both my kids in the back seat of the car which had bald tires and there was an accident on the other side of the road....I was definitely rubber necking and then I knew I needed to stop and slammed on the brakes and then...the bald @$$ tires locked up and I went careening into the back of another car....highly dramatic (tramatic) I think. Anyways, since that second accident I became extremely paranoid about other people driving me around. After all, who is going to be more concerned about my safety, than me? I don't drive in other people's blind spots any more than I have to. I don't accelerate when I see brake lights ahead, I'd rather slow down and risk getting rear-ended, than keep doing what I'm doing and hit a brick wall going 60mph, ya know? This "paranoia" has caused more social strife than I'd care to dig into at this point, but it's interesting to me how driving is so important to some, and so irrelevant to others. My hubby, has NEVER been in an accident, and he was offended when I didn't want him to drive. My mom, has been in several (I have scars...)and she's like, fine, whatever, drive. My little brother Guido always wants to drive my car or me to get into his and my other little bro BGC is just glad that he's going where he wants to.

Is it because people know the statistics on traffic accidents? Is it because we've all had close calls from an errant driver disobeying the traffic laws that almost got us killed? Why do people put so much pride in their ability (or lack their of) to operate an automobile? Is it because when you hear about an accident, you want to be thankful that, you'd never 'be that guy'? I don't know...I guess driving isn't as hard as it seams at first and some people are 'naturals' at it and some have to really work to be able to drive and find the 'safe fun' in it like I do.

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  1. Put me on the "naturals" list babycakes


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