Friday, January 30, 2009

Worst Weekend EVER

So, Friday I interviewed for a job as a manager for an indoor soccer center. The guy that interviewed me swore during the interview and asked me ILLEGAL questions!! He asked how old I was, if I had kids, how old my kids are and if I was married, how old my husband is, and what kind of work he does. Are you freaking kidding me? It sucked too because he asked me these things and I felt inclined to answer because I really wanted the job, it was a position I thought I would really enjoy working in. I didn't tell him it was illegal to ask me those things as I didn't want to sound threatening and not get the job because of that so I smiled sweetly and crossed my fingers. The interview ended with, "hopefully I'll be calling you on Saturday". So I'm thinking my job chances are looking pretty good.

In the meantime I had been watching my baby very closely after finding out that a trip to visit family in Wyoming resulted in him being exposed to RSV. He'd started coughing on tuesday and we were watching his symptoms get worse and worse, he's cutting teeth to so all around just not a good prognosis. So no phone call on saturday about the job...maybe he'll call sunday?

Wake up sunday morning to discover that Eric had been up with Gage all night in a sitting upright position because that's the only way Gage could breath and then gage started to vomit mucus. OK...emergency room, here we come! My older two boys were at Grandma's house so it was just us and the baby. The doctors got us into an exam room very quickly but then was trying to treat us like young, over-concerned, first time parents that were over-reacting to his being exposed to RSV. After telling us that there is no cure for RSV and really the best thing to take care of him is the good ole' fashioned nose bulb syringe sucker thingy, he looked at my admittedly pathetic looking baby and said that he would do the RSV test, and in the mean time, he decided to do a nebulizer treatment on Gage. And give him some oxygen after his pulse ox level showed that it was really low. After doing that he's like, there, are you happy now? The RSV test hasn't come back yet but see how much better he's doing?

Now, I'm a pretty patient person, but you sir are being a DICK and my kid CAN'T FREAKIN BREATHE!!!!

is what I wanted to say...I didn't, I simply said, I think, if you listen to his chest he's still having problems breathing....Gage was sitting on my lap, face against my chest sleeping a bit, wheezing like crazy...

so then the doctor says, well, there is one final test since the RSV test isn't back yet....and he turns off the oxygen that was helping him breath and leaves the room. Um...ok....the machine starts beeping like crazy because his pulse-ox level, which should be @ 100% is bouncing between 81 and hubby gets annoyed at the noise and doesn't want to wake our little guy who hadn't slept more than 20 minutes at a time for the last two days and shuts off the beeping...then goes and tells the nurse/dr that it's super low. The doctor tells my hubby, "well let's just see where it settles...." two minutes later a nurse comes in, watches it for a minute and turns the oxygen back those two minutes the lack of air caused my little guy to, uh...WAKE UP SCREAMING BECAUSE HE COULDN'T F@#$ING BREATH! UGH!

Needless to say, shortly thereafter we are being admitted. Because well, he DEFINITELY has RSV and is OBVIOUSLY having trouble, well, thank you doctor, your 8 years of medical school did wonders!

Okay, so hospital, us, yes. I could complain about the elderly nurse doing her FIRST EVER round in PEDIATRICS that woke me and Gage up every hour unneccesarily, but really, what would be the point? She had a kind heart and was really trying to help, she just didn't get the memo that sick babies need sleep apparently. So Eric comes back to the hospital monday morning after taking the boys to school and sits with Gage while I catch up on some sleep the doctor tells eric that they're going to continue to keep him on oxygen until he starts getting better. okay...

So we wait, all day, no doctor, nothing, Eric gets the kids from school and takes them to Grammies house, then comes back to the hospital for his turn at the overnight shift. Apparently hubby got the priveledge of having the most wonderful nurse in existence! She brought him toys to play with for Gage and a portable oxygen tank so they could play on the big ole bed rather than in the huge metal hospital crib of death and she let him sleep when he was tired, GO AWESOME NURSE!!

Meanwhile, I was driving to grammies to pick up the kids and then going home and going to bed, I had great plans! Unfortunately, due to the crappy ass weather, THIS is what ended up happening:

Yeah! Now we've gone from having 2 cars to having ZERO! And okay, so now how are we going to get the kids to school? How are we going to get Hubbby and Baby home from the hospital? A million things race through your mind after an accident and I guess the most important is that I'm fine, the kids weren't there and we're all okay now.

So that all being said, Gage is home from the hospital and doing much better! My car is in the shop with 9k in damage and apparently it will be at least feb 13th before it's back to me, and I didn't get the job from the illegal interviewer guy.

This weekend looks much more promising, Miah & Cody have a b-day party, Eric's Birthday party is tomorrow night and then Sunday is the superbowl or to me, great commercial day!

Here's hoping that January is no indication of how this year is going to go!

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  1. Wow, so sorry! It sounds like it was all terrible so of course every day after that HAS to be better. What hospital did you go to for the ER where you had problems with the attending? Because I had Jillian into the ER at St. Francis on Woodmen/Powers and we almost sued them the "care" was so poor. She actually left WORSE than when we arrived. They had the nerve to send us a bill for services which of course I rejected and told them WHY. A week later they let us know the fees were all waived.


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