Monday, September 13, 2010

So, remember when I used to Blog?

It was recently brought to my attention that I have neglected this blog for a while and that some people actually do read it looking for updates about my life & family and that I'm a big slacker basically! A lot has happened in our lives recently and I'm not going to go into all the changes right now, basically because I don't feel like typing that much this morning, but I will write that update soon I promise!!

This weekend we had out annual (this is our 3rd year) JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) 5k family fun walk. I raised $110 this year! Thank you so much to those who donated to me!! The walk was a blast, as usual! It's through this gorgeous park and you walk along one side of this beautiful creek and then cross it at a bridge and walk back up the other side
so it's just really pretty and always ends up being fun, some really good friends participate in this too (they're the ones that made us start doing it!) and it's just great. After the walk, JDRF provides lunch for everyone that walked and we were sitting there talking and eating and two of my girlfriends were talking about the Race for the Cure that was to take place on Sunday. THey had both pre-registered and paid $30 to do that 5k. Carrie was saying to Corrie, "dude, just admit it, you're not gonna make it!!" Corrie responded with a grin and, "dude, I paid $30 of course I'm gonna make it!!!" The conversation continued and I learned the following facts:

1. The last two years both had registered to go to Race for the cure
2. Neither of them have ever actually attended the Race for the Cure
3. Corrie was going to lay sod the rest of the day and would probably be too tired/sore to actually go to the Race for the Cure this year as well
4. Which would mean that Carrie wouldn't go either

I offered to go in Corries place and that's what ended up happening. Now, when I do the JDRF walk it's on a relatively flat path, and I have the kids, a stroller and a dog so we definitely have to pause several times along the way. The Race for the Cure takes place at Garden of the Gods, here's the route map:
What they don't show/tell you is that this route is going up and down an enormous freakin hill!!! In addition to the added physical strain we also didn't have any dogs or kids to slow us down so we just booked it and walked a lot faster than I've ever done a JDRF walk. It was still fun and we decided by mile 2 that we'd definitely earned a beer for this! We finished up and then went to Ruby Tuesdays which now serves brunch and shared a steak and egg breakfast and I had a champagne cocktail while Carrie had a Ragin' Cajun Spicy Bloody Mary. Good times!!

Then I spent the rest of the day plopped on the couch trying to stretch my legs as much as possible and watching football. Ironically I don't usually ever watch football but since my new co-workers did a fantasy football league and I decided to join in, I was watching the games and specifically my players that are on my team and then Guido and I were texting back and forth about different plays and their effect on my teams overall score. The 49ers crappy game definitely hurt me A LOT in overall points for this week, but I guess we'll see how the season goes. I promise I'll write more about the new job, hubby's new position, the dog, the kids, etc. SOON!!! xoxo

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


OMG!! I came across this video and am just dumbfounded. Why would someone want this? What would you use it for? And, if you find one, PLEASE send me one!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girl Talk Thursday

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The short version? A dolphin trainer at Sea World. That's what I thought would be the most awesomest job EVER!! In fact when I was in 3rd-5th grades we lived in California and we had season passes to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I remember dragging my whole family all the time. I learned that in order to be a dolphin trainer that I needed to get a degree in Marine Biology. I was all gung-ho that it was what I was destined to be.

Of course, in retrospect that was probably an unreasonable hope. First of all, I got a 'D' in biology in highschool, this was caused largely because I moved from a non-technological school to a technology magnet school in march the end of my Sophomore year. I had never used PowerPoint and like 50% of the grade was dependent on this big presentation that had to use powerpoint. Mine didn't work, I got a really bad grade, hence the D in biology.

Of course there were several other factors at work during that time in my life, (high school I mean) and when it came to the college tour out of state schools were made not an option. The money issue was a pretty big thing and my mother is pretty controlling so me going to school somewhere that involved a plain to get to wasn't going to happen. So, instead of going to college at UNC in Greeley I had the brilliance to get knocked up, after my senior prom actually, and instead of heading off to school in the fall of 2001 I was preparing for having a baby, at 17 years old.

Since then I've worked jobs that I thought were very OKAY, I mean, nothing that I would be thrilled to be doing for the rest of my life. A lot of collections, a lot of customer service, some fast food/restaurant experience in there. I did go back to school in 2004 and I finished my bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis on Project Management in April of 2009. I have been unemployed since July 2008. So right now I'm a stay at home mom, not exactly loving it anymore but haven't found a job yet. I did have an interview for a position that I find really exciting and really hope to get but for now, I'm waiting and hoping and keeping my fingers crossed!!

Some pictures...with comments....

I'm bored and I have paint on my computer (as does every human being I suppose) and so here's some stuff.....

this picture was taken during a garage sale that we had at my mom's house last year....we had a good time, sold some crap, and I decided to dress up briefly as the halloween fairy...apparently..... So here's the evidence of that.....(also, no alcohol involved in this decisions...)

now, in playing on the paint program, there is an option for you to invert the colors of the picture with the click of a button....I did....this is the result....note the difference in the appearance of the facial normal and nice...the other...SCARY!!!

this was taken the last time I saw my little brother perform in drag, he goes by the name Chastity and he is totally AWESOME!!!

Here's Gage in all his awesomeness...and I'm serious about that remote!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh CRAP!!!

So, on Tuesday my friend Rudy and I were running errands and one of our stops was PetSmart because that's where I get my cat food. While we were there I noticed that they had bacon and cheese flavored beggin' strips on sale and I though, "what the heck! He loves cheese, I bet he'll love the cheese + bacon flavor!" So I picked up a bag. When we got Buster he came with a bag of California naturals food it's actually herring and sweet potato flavored. Now I looked at PetSmart and couldn't find this food there so I assumed it was going to be like a Whole Foods kind of dog food that would be way expensive, knowing that we could probably find him a different kind of dog food that was more in our price range, we decided to change his food. He also has very, very dry skin that leaves him itching a lot so we tried a few different things and came up with a combo that was working pretty well. 1 cup Purina Beneful (much cheaper but still good for his coat!) 1 cup the California Naturals (just until it's gone) 1/4 can of chicken and rice wet food and 1 tablespoon of olive oil (for his coat!).

So, with all this in mind, when we bought his first dog treats I got him all natural treats with wheat, carrots, chicken, cranberries and peas and they actually smell like apples. It's kind of weird but he's been eating them for a few weeks now and likes them. So when I saw the bacon flavored beggin' strips I thought Buster would be thrilled! I brought them home and tried to give him one. He sat down and then I held it in front of his nose, he sniffed it a few times and then just stared at me. Gage took the treat from my hand and kind of half shoved it in Buster's mouth and still he wouldn't take it. I kind of laughed and got out one of his apple scented treats and held that out to him, he took it quickly and went into the living room. This caused me to send out the following text: dog....there's something wrong with hiim... I mean I've never even heard of something like this before....he doesn't like bacon!!!!!

I got varied responses ranging from 'WTF!!!' to 'you have a defective dog' and it was all good. When Eric came home he didn't believe me about the bacon so he attempted to give Buster a bacon flavored treat, this time though, Buster must have had a change of heart because after a minutes hesitation he carried the bacon into the living room and laid it on the floor, then after another minute he ate the treat. So at this point, we're thinking, "maybe he's just never had that before?!?!" who knows.

Well, I know you guys have been wondering about the title and where this whole post is going and here's the wonderful piece of wisdom I acquired and am passing on to you, "if your brand new dog lives on a very healthy, fruit/vegetable and lean protein diet and he is hesitant to eat something that is flavored with bacon, it's his way of telling you that it's not that he doesn't LIKE bacon, it's that bacon doesn't necessarily sit well in his stomach"

That's right y'all.....EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!!!!

I cleaned up so much poop yesterday it's ridiculous because along with this discovery, Buster decided to really break out of his box and show me some new things yesterday.

1) although he will stay in the living room (which has laminate flooring and an area rug that's ours as in, we won't have to pay the landlord if it gets stained) all night long, just fine, but if I leave for 45 minutes to take the kids to school and Buster has diarrhea he will jump the gate and run up the stairs so that he can poop on the carpet in the hallway.

2) apparently he can't go diarrhea outside because he's embarrassed about the farting noises that he makes so he will wait until you're done walking him outside and then jump the gate and run upstairs and poop on the carpet in the hallway.

3) also, did I mention that when Buster poops on the carpet in the hallway that my cats have to retaliate-poop so they can still claim the upstairs hallway as their territory? Well, they do.

I took him outside to poop so many times last night it was ridiculous but then, I went from being frustrated to really feeling bad that he'd eaten the treat at all, I felt almost like I DID THIS TO HIM, much like I imagine a mom feels when they give their child peanut butter only to have to rush them to the hospital because of an allergic reaction. Even though there was no way of knowing that this would happen I just am sad that it did.

We had a long, long talk with the kids this morning about not feeding anything to Buster with out express written consent, ever, for any reason. I'm tucking this one in the archives as a live and learn kind of situation and I have to say that now with Gage sleeping on the couch on one side of me and Buster sleeping in the recliner on the other side of me that I'm pretty happy that it all seems to be out of his system, so to speak, and that we're not too much worse for wear. Buster still seems to love us even though we poisoned his asshole.

Now, who wants an almost full bag of cheese and bacon flavored beggin' strips?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

welcome to Sara's world...

So, my modus operandi is basically that I easily make friends with people I work with, go to school with...whatever, but I never have really considered those people like, LIFE LONG friends. It may be because I moved SO much as a kid/teenager but I was never a girl who had 'a whole bunch of girlfriends'. Girls are more obsessive, judgmental, condescending, snarky...

That being said, I'm having issues at this point in time, and I'm not quite sure how to handle them....mixed feelings are very abundant and at this point in my life, I have very VERY little patience for people that are inconsiderate and don't think about what they're saying when they speak...

I guess I'm trying to vent without having a screaming bitch fest because at this point in my life I kind of have adopted a good friends mantra....I hate people.....but I don't hate people...just people that don't think...that's my only alteration..
I'm sad that C (my apparently ex-friend that my brother may or may not be marrying) has caused problems and not appologized for them
I hate what guido is going through
i hate how lonely i am
i'm super glad carrie & I are good
I think that u have to go through some kind of mutual understanding process before u can judge someone & have them respect ur opinion, &/or before u should feel like ur opinion matters
and also, if u ever tell someone who has children that they should not get a small dog because it may choke to death (due to ur lack of housekeeping skills) either, a) have had & raised children and ur talking to someone whose only child died via chocking OR be an amazing pet owner who loves their animals like they are your children (you know, like, you don't put the ones to sleep that annoy you and you don't sell them off it they become inconvenient and buy a puppy insntead.....)

Ironically, I know that the few people that read this blog occassionaly will have NO idea what I'm talking about, and I find that wonderfully comforting!


welcome to Crazyland!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Buster Brown

I have been bugging my husband about getting a dog since early January. I hinted that I'd be okay with him getting me one for my birthday. I started obsessively searching craigslist, the humane society website and daily for a dog that I could adopt into our family. I started looking at pugs thinking that they'd be a good fit since they're small and I fell in love with one at a pet store when I was a kid (my brothers too, we nicknamed it 'tags' it was super cute!). Eric was not such a fan of pugs though so I started expanding my search. I took online quizzes that were designed to help me determine what kind of dog would be the best fit for our family. We have 2 cats, we have 3 kids, we have NO yard, we are not runners. I got into a pretty intense discussion with a complete bitch person about whether or not adding a dog to my family was a responsible decision. I got into arguments with my husband about whether or not adding a dog was going to be good for us. He didn't want me to get a little ankle biter dog that he'd have to tolerate, he wanted to find a dog that he could love too! He also didn't want to have to get dressed in cold weather gear at 10:30 at night to walk a dog, if I want a dog, it's my SOLE responsibility. I also had to promise to not EVER bring home a dog while he was at work and say, "surprise!" He definitely needed to meet the dog before any decision was made. All reasonable things and we talked through all the issues at great length. I knew that if I was patient I would eventually find a dog that was perfect for us.

I drug Eric to adoption fairs at PetSmart and made him walk around the humane society with me. I expanded my search to include Shiba Inu's and Akita's and any kind of mutt that had a promising history of good behavior. I probably showed Eric pictures of 10-20 dogs a week and even came close to adopting a Shiba Inu from a couple in Castle Rock. That didn't work out because they said that their dog is a runner that fights to get out of the house and will disappear for two hours at a time, that was not the kind of companion that we wanted to bring into the house. Finally after a search for Akita in Colorado springs on petfinder on March 15th I found Buster Brown. He was listed as an Akita mix and as being good with kids, cats and other dogs. It was also noted on his profile that the only reason the previous family had given him up was due to severe allergies that developed in their two year old son. I have a son who's almost two and during this whole process seemed like he might be the one thing that I couldn't work around. See, my brother has 3 dogs and every time we go over there, they lick Gage and knock him down, so he's not really a fan of dogs. I thought that if I finally found a dog that Gage liked that would be a miracle. I thought it would probably be more of a slow process where Gage got more comfortable over time after we brought our new furry friend home. I found out that Buster was going to be at an adoption fair at PetSmart hosted by Nine Lives Rescue ( on Saturday March 20th. Eric ended up being off on Friday and we had a great day spending time together, playing some games very relaxed.

When Saturday rolled around we went and picked up the kids from my Mom's house at about 10:15 and the adoption fair didn't start until 11 so we went to the AT&T store and I buttered Eric up lovingly purchased a very nice case for Eric's brand new cell phone and then we were on our way over to PetSmart. Now other adoption fairs that I've been to at PetSmart stores have all the dogs spread out in the back of the store so you can kind of go down the line and meet each dog individually which we like, especially when Gage is involved. This was not the case that day. They had moved all the carts out of the little cart area right in the front of the store, put about 15 folding chairs around the edge of the little room and there was a person sitting in each chair with a dog right in front of them. CHAOS! We walked into the store where we could observe the dogs through the glass since trying to wade in there to meet Buster didn't seem like the best idea. Buster was laying down and a border collie was playfully nipping at him, he didn't even flinch. He was just copacetic. We finally walked over to the table and asked to see him, the volunteer had Buster brought over to us so we could meet him away from the other dogs. He sat down quietly and let us pet him all over, he didn't jump, he didn't lick and after a few minutes, Eric was able to put Gage down and he walked over and gave him a hug.

They handed me his personality profile filled in by his previous owner and the information was so beneficial and persuasive.

Is the dog housebroken? yes
Can the dog be trusted in a yard? yes
Can the dog be trusted in the house alone? Yes
Where does the dog sleep? On his bed in the master bedroom
Where does the dog stay when no one is home? free roam
Does the dog tear furniture? No
Tear Carpet? No
dump trash? No
Walk on a leash? Yes
howl? no
Roam? no
Chew? No
Chase cars? No
Ride well in Cars? Yes
Describe this dog: Friendly Obedient, Playful, Easygoing, Quiet, and Affectionate
Any Additional Comments: Great Dog Gets along with everyone, loves hiking, dog parks, fetch and laying around.

I was in love! I asked them what the next step was and they said that we had to fill out an application so I got one form them and then suggested to Eric that we go to lunch. He made a face that basically said, "Crap, we're really thinking about this aren't we. THIS DOG COULD BE OUR DOG!" We opted for cheap chinese for lunch and the conversation was a very in depth discussion of changes in our lives that would/could take place if we added a dog. We discussed scenarios ranging from what would happen if the dog ate their brand new soccer cleats to what would happen if I left an entire meatloaf on the counter and it got eaten. Throughout this conversation I kept reiterating that this was all hypotheical of course because their freakin' Dad wouldn't finally give in and just say YES we weren't certain about getting the dog. I excused myself to go in the bathroom and wipe my tears (melodramatic I know but I really, really wanted a dog) Eric excused himself to go outside and smoke and think things over. I had a really hard time during this because I didn't want to "sell" Eric on the idea, I wanted him to agree on his own, I wanted us all to be happy with the decision and him to not feel pressured.

We went to WalMart to pick up a few things that I'd forgotten when I went grocery shopping and also to price out dog items. I wanted the kids to understand that if the end decision was no that there were many reasons why that might be. I wanted them to understand that one of their stubborn ass fathers our concerns was the additional cost not just of getting the dog but of taking care of him. We priced out dog food, and a dog bed, leashes, collars, treats, toys, kennels, all the things that we would most likely need if we added a canine companion to our family. Then Eric walked over to a different isle talking on his phone. It was his mom. I don't know what she said to him, but when he came back he looked at me and said, "Well, lets go get us a dog!" YEAH!!!!! I started crying, he started crying, the kids were jumping and grinning from ear to ear, there was probably some group hugging in there too. We grabbed the leash, and the two collars we'd picked out and walked quickly to the front of the store, all of us looking like crazy happy people. Gage picked up on the energy and sitting in the cart started giggling excessively and kept asking for hugs, like he didn't know exactly what was going on but we were all happy and therefor should be hugging him!

We checked out and got into the car and I started filling out the application as quickly as possible. When I was almost done one of the kids was like, "mom, what if someone already took him while we were eating?" CRAP. I buckled my seat belt and started driving to PetSmart. "I don't know honey, I guess if that happens then it just wasn't meant to be and we'll just have to keep looking" (I'm pretty sure my knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel trying to remain calm while we made our way back to the pet store. I pulled up right in front and parked and as soon as the car was stopped Miah & Cody hit the pavement racing into the store. Their heads popped right back out and they started screamin, "HE'S STILL HERE!!!!!!!!" YES!!!

They approved our application and we payed the adoption fee only to find out that Buster Brown came from a family that spoiled him rotten so he came with a kennel, his dog bed, his toys, a rain coat (it's really cute!), food, treats, a travel water bowl, grooming brushes, nail clippers and food and water bowls. His foster mom called the previous owners and let them know that Buster was going to be with a family with kids and there were tears all around.

There's more to the story and I'll probably post that later but for now I have a dog to walk and a house to clean.

Welcome to our family Buster Brown. You're a perfect fit!

Monday, February 15, 2010

things that make me happy whilst my head is in yonder sand...

Recently there has been a whole bunch of crap going on in my life. Some new, some same old BS, some new people having issues with same old BS, but the end result has been a whole lot of drama in my life recently. I've gotten frustrated with the people I love, pissed of at people I usually have fun with and straight up hateful towards a lot of people that I would have previously considered good people, at least in so much as, they're someone to go have fun with.

End result is right now, most of my "friends" aren't even speaking to me. A friend that has been gone from my life for a long time is back in it and causing some issues between me and my BESTEST friend. And all in all...I want to just disappear for a while and return when all the dust has settles and hope that things will look better, rather than trying to actually, you know, have the tough conversations and figure out the base of some of the problems, the root if you will. Were words misconstrued? Was meaning misunderstood? Were apologies not give because ? I don't know, but in going along with the "sara likes to hide a hole and ignore everyone until the BS is over" spirit. I decided to make a list of things that I do care about and that do make me happy.

Oh and most likely if none of that makes sense to you, then don't worry about it....I'm most likely not talking about you!

My husband-after all even if he does piss me off sometimes, he makes me the happiest I've ever been during my time on earth and if that doesn't earn him the top spot, I don't know what does! Well...I can think of another reason but I don't need to go too detailed in that area....use your imagination!

My kids-they're awesome! They also alternate their awesomeness with trying to make my head explode, I think they get that from me being as right now some people think I'm awesome and some are like if this girl doesn't quit this shit, then my head is going to explode....totally hereditary...makes you wonder where I got it from....

My brothers-you guys are the shit. You are such good listeners and I <3 you mucho! Jet Ski!

The rest of my whole Fam-Damily-there are so many people that I'm blessed to be related to via blood and marriage that add value to my life and love in my heart. XOXO wherever you are!

My friends-those who I consider friend will have love and loyalty from me as long as it's reciprocated. Nuff said.

My kitties-I mean they love me and they don't talk back, what's not to love?

Chicken Ramen-it's just the best food ever

Johnny Depp-because...damn! Although I saw him on one of those celebrity gossip magazines in a "scandalous relationship" with Angelina I also like the prospects of joining that couple for a threesome...I mean, if you're gonna do it, I think Angelina and Johnny would be like the ultimate duo!

baby giggles

fried chicken


Brad Pitt saying the word "Nazi" in Inglorious Basterds

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet (and to a slightly lesser degree, World Without End, the sequel)

Project Runway

Colorado Rapids soccer

the ocean

Saturday nights

chicken fried steak and eggs

board games



bee-hive soccer (you know, when the kids are really little and they all buzz around it in one big group!?!?)

kindred spirits

elementary school jokes, i.e. How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it! Or: A pig is laying down in the desert. Another pig sees him and asks, "aren't you hot?" and the first pig says, "No, I'm bacon!"

also, dirty jokes

watching hubby and the kids playing with their RC cars together

car shows (even when they make me cry)

hugs, really good bear hugs, not those shitty, wussy, girlie hugs

Sangria or Rum, or Corona, or a good shot, or maybe just booze in general...this probably should have been a little higher on the list...

I guess cigarette would need to be listed right here....since the two kind of go together....




inside jokes

clever bumper stickers

looking at snow from the warmth of my living room and not having to leave the house to go in all....for any reason....otherwise snow can kiss my ass...I hate you

pretty hair...not even mine necessarily, my hair kind of sucks right now since I'm growing out all the dyed crap to get it back to natural....

pink (the color not the singer, although she's not bad)

Sublime (the band AND the feeling!)

baby cheeks....because it's like the most fun thing to pinch EVER!!!

having cable! I miss this...although I do now have 4 channels so it's all good...I just miss bravo, the food network, and ESPN....

Redbox movies

birthday cards with hugely gargantuan fat women on them, they always make me laugh hysterically, this has been this way since high school....I don't know why....


driving fast

the right song coming on the radio at the right time

birthday parties (it's like the one party every year that's just for you, or in my case for me and hubby, what's not to love?!?!)

I'm sure the second I post this there will be like 20 things I'll think of adding to this but I have a tired cranky baby and two boys upstairs that are supposed to be cleaning but it sounds more like some kind of mixed martial arts cage fighting is going on so before my head explodes, I bid you adieu!

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