Wednesday, September 24, 2008

baby food and halloween decorations!!

So, I wrote previously about my attempt to feed Gage some peaches, well, later that day Jeremiah and Cody decided to take their own shot at it. I showed them how, then I snuck out for a cigarette.....when I came back, Jeremiah had taken these pictures of their efforts!!!

I mean, really they got it EVERYWHERE!!!!

EVEN ON HIS FEET!! I had to laugh because they were having so much fun feeding their little brother, they were so PROUD of themselves!!!! They did so good!!

And then today I made the ghostly awesomeness that you see in this bottom picture here. The huge scary hairy spider we got last week. But the ghost thing was this cool stiro-foam skull and then we got a corpse bride costume from good will for $7, the skull was a dollar and then we got a hot glue gun and glued her to a dowel and a wire to spread her arms and this was the end result, OH SO COOL!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

WOW.....I finally figured it out.....

I have had a revelation...a mental explosion if you will~! It all started with me driving by this Gangsta' green expedition I'm in love with. I started thinking, "why do I love this truck so much?" I've never wanted an SUV and usually, I would make fun of someone driving a truck like why does it fill me with joy? *(it really does!)* and I realized it's because it's fun and different and I love things that are fun and different. Then I started thinking about why it took me so long to realize that I liked it...I mean you should just know how something makes you feel the first time you see it, right? Then I started thinking about my "clone" (described in previous post) and why I feel like she's such a kindred spirit...why do I feel like she's so much like me? I think it was her love of christmas and her absolute adoration of "shiny" things! I TOO LOVE SHINY THINGS!! In one of her blogs she explains that for a wedding she was in she was instructed 1)get the dress in david's bridal cornflower blue and 2)don't buy anything to wear that makes you look like a disco ball...then she goes on to explain how she's fairly certain that she's the only one who recieved the second instruction ;~)

As you can tell by what you're reading I'm at a very introspective place at this time in my life, trying to sort through things...But what I came to understand was *****LIGHT BULB MOMENT******* I have become a drone. The way that I meet people is that I find out what they like and how they feel about certain things and then I assimilate into them. I'm sure it has to do with moving so often that I just wanted people to LIKE me...I just wanted friends. I realized that I'm a very sensitive person so it's easier to go along with what they think, feel, like then have any kind of contradictory opinion that could cause someone to say something negative to me. When you worry like that you internalize everything and you think constantly about how people are perceiving your behavior Once I've been doing that then I started becoming overly critical of others peoples behavior because of what I assumed other people would be thinking. I'd gotten to the point where I lost myself completely. I got anxious in all social situations, I'd have to do drugs or drink to get to where I wasn't worried about what everyone thought about every move that I made...I couldn't have fun sober because I couldn't just be me.

I have been so blessed recently in my life because 3 1/2 years ago I met three of the most wonderful, talented, beautiful perfect friends a girl could ever ask for. They've held me when I've cried, picked me up when I fell down, and kissed me when I felt fat and ugly....we are kindred spirits and we help eachother fly. Because of the friendship they've given me, they've enabled me to find myself again. So, this is who I am:

I LOVE pretty things, I love things that are colorful, I love neon and bright! I love antiques and things that are unique and special, even if it's not special to me. I love well behaved children and I love helping the ones who are strugggling. I love doggy kisses. I love pillows..there should be tons always. I love my family and how it's made up of people I'm related to and people I'm just lucky enough to have found along the way. I love baby grins and fat baby cheeks! I'm super sensitive and cry a lot, but it's OKAY! I like hot pink, punk, pirate costumes and I totally got pink skull temporary tattoos to wear with it!!

I hate coffee but love bottled vanilla frappachino's. I like sugar free kool aid better than regular kool aid. I try to eat healthfully but LOVE fried chicken!! I don't really like chocolate but every once in a while...I get cravings.

I love cooking for people and I like people to tell me I did a good job. I need reassurance from the people around me that they aren't going to leave. I have trust issues. I love my friends. I like glitter shiny flavored roll on lip gloss as much as a 6 year old girl does. I really was sad I didn't have a little girl. I hate that I didn't understand half of what I do now about babies back when I had Jeremiah and Cody because I could have skipped so much self loathing it's not even funny. I hate that I did drugs and hurt the people that I loved. I hate that I get SO angry over stupid things sometimes. I hate how it feels to be sad. I hate crying. I hate having anxiety attacks. I hate my house being dirty.

I love having a beautiful environment and being surrounded by pretty things. I'm a girly girl. I love going to museums. I LOVE TO LEARN!! I like thinking about things and understanding the way things work and why and who and how??? I love imagining about the past and how life was like. I like knowing what my family near and far is up to. I worry about my neice and nephew and that their passion for learning is going to be squelched if I don't blow on the coals of their little fires. I love that my son has the confidence that I never did!! I was so proud of him's picture day and he wanted to comb his hair in a side part (think 1950's) I told him he looked like a dork. He said he liked it better that way and that was that. I have never had that courage. The courage to say tough shit, I like it this way and it's MY hair!! I've never had the courage to be different but have always secretly wished I could. I'm SO PROUD of him.

I try to always tell my kids everytime they do something that wow's me, that makes me proud of them, and I try to explain things to them so they better understand the world around them and so they don't make the mistakes that I did. I want to be a better parent and I want to make sure I tell my kids I love them every day.

I guess that's all for know....I just feel like a door to this whole new world was just found and I stumbled through it and things are going to only get better now that I can really be me because it's okay!!!! It's so exciting I'm shaking. (oh yeah, I tend to be overly enthusiastic when I get excited too!!)

Thank you to all the friends that held my hand, threw me over their shoulders and otherwise assisted with me finally getting past all the crap and figuring this out. I love you SO much and I want you guys to know you're my sisters. Forever. There's nothing we won't be able to work through. Thank you to my hubby whose been my best friend since we met. And thank you to my boys for teaching me more than I could ever teach you. Lastly thank you to Gage who made me the best mommy I could be and for sleeping long enough to let this pour out of me.

Oh yeah...a final note. Gage tried solids today for the first time!! Peaches!! He was not a fan, but he had fun playing the "I'll spit it out and mommy will scoop it back in again" game....oh can't win 'em all!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

and there's a camel...

So this week was somewhat stressful and from the other blog I was reading earlier today from Eric's aunt mine wasn't the only one (the whole dentist sit SUCKS!). Monday Eric and I got into a huge fight AAAAAAAAHHHHHH....outta the blue, and we haven't gotten into a fight like that in freakin' years! (don't worry, we're fine now, we've worked through it and the boat is still sailing despite the brief period of choppy waves) Then wednesday I kept the boys home to spend some time with me and for them to have kind of a "mental health" day. Growing up we always got 1 each semester and we'd get to just have a fun day home with mom. Well after getting my halloween costume and lunch at Red Robins I asked them, "what next?" Well Jeremiah actually requested to go home and watch a movie. HUH? My gogogo child wants to go LAY DOWN AND WATCH A MOVIE? is there home we go to watch a movie. We get everything situated it's about 12:30 and Jeremiah crawls into my lap...OMG he was freaking roasting!! I quickly got him some asprin and waited patiently for his fever to go down.

It's so scary when he gets sick because he hides the fact that he's sick until he's SO sick that he's ended hospitalized twice because of an "unidentifyable" breathing problem. They think he might have asthma or something but they've never been able to clearly diagnose it and it's not really a problem (like with soccer or anything) unless he gets sick, that's when it's a big deal. So I'm paniking but trying to keep it together, Jeremiah's temp never went over 100 so we avoided a dr's visit. He did take a nice long nap, and have a quiet day at home with mom thur and fri just to make sure.

Thur during soccer practice guess what, we got a new couch and a new recliner!!! OH yeah we did!!

I know, beige wall, beige couch, I’ve gotta come up with something so it’s not so freaking BEIGE but it’s microfiber suede and SO much better than the previous couch!
Baby Gage and Daddy enjoying the new chair…it has a built in changing table according to Daddy!

Friday both the boys were off school and Jeremiah had an opportunity to "audition" another cub scout troop (we decided NOT to go with the last one) and so I took him (Gage and Cody stayed with Mama Tong, we'll talk about that in a minute!) and it was so cool, they got to do a tour of the local fox tv station building. We met Stephanie Pitlinski the news anchor (DUDE...I freakin forgot my camera!!! Can you believe it!!!) he got to make images for a weather forcast and then stand in front of the green was a really neat experience.

Okay, back to mama tong, she had taken the day off work and planned to work on removing a stump from her front yard and then picking up Miah and Cody from School and taking them to the movies and them spending the night at her house. So I get a call from her at like 8:30 asking if I have her on earth would I have YOUR ax??? no idea....her response "then it must be guido" "I said maybe he was removing a stump at Corries..." ....looking down at Gage whom I had to stop feeding to get the phone on the other end of the room.....she's still not responding.......finally she says "well, where does corrie live" "peterson and powers" starting to make super duper angry feed me now or die faces.....Me: do you need anything else? her: well, I'm just thinking....... me:I have a baby about to start screaming Her: fine! CLICK! okay......those conversations drive me bonkers...but whatever.....then around noon Guido shows up....

"Dude I just told mom that if her house is on fire, before noon, I don't care, call someone else" Apparently the ax was in guido's trunk from when he and chris went camping, chris put said ax in trunk from mom's house and guido didn't know it was in there. then mom took today off work for stump removal and didn't have said ax so she became enraged and called guido 3 times, then called guido's girlfriend (at work) and she called guido several times I called guido once and his ex roommate called him 2x all before 12. Noon for Guido is like 7 am to a normal person, FYI. So Guido was so POed that his phone went off that many times he freaked out on mama tong. This is just one example of life with a very chaotic, loud and opinionated family can be like, but you know what…..It definitely keeps things interesting! Yeppers, no bordom in this family!

Okay so Eric and I needed to get some paperwork filed downtown but he had to sign the paperwork and could only come home at lunch (1:30) so the problem becomes how do I get downtown, stand in line to file paperwork, and then get the little boys to mom so I can get Jeremiah back downtown for his cub scout thing at 3? Eric comes up with a solution!! (remember she’s POed because she didn’t get her stump removed at all because she didn’t have an AX!) Pfeiffer says, tell her that if she’ll watch the kids longer, I will come over tomorrow after soccer and remove the stump (I’m thinking that’s gonna take, what an hour? ) Cool I can deal with not getting an hour of quality time. She accepted the deal and all was well.
The next day we were up at butt-crack-o-dawn (okay it was only 7 but on a Saturday that’s freakin’ early!) and packed up the baby and headed over to the soccer game. It was great! Cody did a great job at goalie and Jeremiah scored the first goal for the team for the season! YEAH!

Here’s Cody being a very serious Goalie!! HE did so well

Here’s Jeremiah being the team captain for the coin toss!
Now…time to work on that stump. No biggy right? WRONG! First of all there was a dull chain saw blade, so mom went to get a new one, then chain saw breaks, then stump is so big that chain saw doesn’t cut through it so they(meaning Eric) have to resort to cutting it out one wedge at a time… you see my one hour expectation flying out the window?? It did…from 10:30-3:30 that’s 5 hours!! And it’s still not done yet….

Chainsaw shirt on, non-labor intensive…boring…hot hubby with shirt of swinging an ax OH BABY!!! And Jeremiah was daddy’s helper…he tried anyways! So I finally got fed up and went in on the computer (shocking I know) and after some searching I found something freaky. I started reading this girls blog and she’s like my clone! The way she thinks about things mostly…….creepy!! . While I was doing this apparently grammy decided that it was time for Jeremiah to ride his bike without training wheels so off they came and off he went!

So after that I went off to help Corrie with her girlie toy party and Mom watched the boys so Eric could go have MAN time (shooting guns, throwing darts) you know, MAN stuff! And now it’s Sunday and we’ve had a nice slow paced relaxing day!! I was woken up with delivered McDonalds, thanks baby! And then we watched Speed Racer (awesome movie! Very neat special effects) the kids and I made some homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch (my specialty!)
Notice I’m wearing Jammies….all day…oh yeah, I’m a rebel!!
A final note, sometime during the week Gage became interested in “talking” he squeaks and squaks and Coos and giggles (almost! He grins excessively at least!) as long as you keep doing it back…I feel like a goober, but it’s so much fun.
Love you everyone and take care! Don’t forget to take your own mental health day every once in a while. And plan a jammy day the next chance you get!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween, already?!?!

Halloween Costume shopping can be so stressful!!! But this year was gangsta' I mean it was perfect, check the pics of what happened.

Jeremiah as a Zombie (thanx Corrie!)

Me in a classic captain momo pose!

okay, me normal (if possible?!?!?) it's called a "pink, punk, pirate costume" I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Cody as the killer from scream.

both boys picked "scary" + "mask" = falling a lot IMO but, we shall see...Halloween is SO MUCH FUN!! We also got a gynormous hairy spider that is curently crawling around the beam that runs across my living room, good times... okay, ttfn!

we're still looking for a chilli pepper costume for baby Gage and Eric is going to pick out his Cpt. Jack Sparrow costume!! I'm SOOOOO Excited about that one!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy busy weekend

Well, the weekend started out a little dissapointing because the boys soccer game that was scheduled at 8 am was cancelled due to the large amounts of rain we got on friday, the field was flooded. We were dissapointed but it ended up being a good thing because we were so exhausted by the time we were done going..going...going on saturday that we ALL (even Gage!) slept in until 10 on sunday morning! Here's what went down....(dun dun dunnnnnn) Friday night, Rudy got all dressed up to go out and of course came by for pictures!!! He's such a sexy beast! We couldn't help but laugh when we remembered how Eric's grandpa was hitting on Rudy at our wedding and then one of his family members (one the conservative nebraskians) pulled Pfeifer outside and was like, "Eric, did you know there is a man here, dressed like a woman?!?!" and he responded, "Oh yeah, that's Rudy!" and the person went, "OMG!!! You KNOW him!?!" TOO FUNNY!!! he's pretty hot though, I'll give him that!

Okay so he came over and so did Carrie, COrrie, and Suzie, Corries Mom and we stayed up WAY TOO LATE but we were having good times...ya know, it happens!

Suzie is pictured here modeling some fancy shoes my mom wants me to sell on craigslist....they look good on her feet, maybe I'll just use that picture to sell them.....hmmmm, I like that idea....okay...moving Saturday morning we have to be downtown by 9am for the JDRF walk (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) it's a 5k they do every year and Corrie asked me to sign up and walk with her.

Guido came out too, so did both her parents, and they brough Miguel and Selena (neice and nephew) Carrie was there too and we had so much fun walking it was just great. It was at america the beautiful park, and I'm going to just put a few of the 50 or so pictures I took on here....

here's everyone (except me!) was absolutely beautiful!!!!here's Miah, Cody and Corrie's nephew Miguel, boys will be boys I guess!!I don't know this person...but dude, it's a pug dog in a baby carrier...a picture just seemed mandatory for posteritie's sake....:~)This statement just got to me...I've never thought of it like that, but that is SO true....
Look at us being total dorks all matching and stuff....even Gage is wearing a matching little shirt!

So The first picture (top left) is all of us that were walking together, except Corrie's dad because he was in line for the bano, you can see Pike's Peak in the background, it's already got snow on it and everything, that's my fav pic of the day, it's just pretty and so many people that I care about are in it...(and we match!!) then there's me and Pfeiffer next to the pond, all that green stuff is ALGEA. Next is one of Jeremiah bustin' an AWESOME move and then Gage, doing what he does best...chillin!!

We hung out at Corrie's afterwards and the men folk ended up cleaning out her gutters, they hooked her up man and the kids glued themselves to the video games, I figured it's cool because they did walk over 3 miles earlier that day, then they played at the park for a while too (Jeremiah got his first bee sting ). Okay then at 4:15 it was off to Eukre club. My mom met us there and we ended up staying there until almost 11, long drive from home so not we loaded the kids into the car (which included having to wake up the sleeping baby) and got home around 11:30 and then off to bed, we were SO TIRED!!!

Sunday we got up at 10 and drove up to monument (30 min or so?) to see our friend Chess's new trailer. It was pretty nice, and he has a lot of home improvements he's planning on so good luck to you chester!! Okay then it was race back home and CLEAN! I had offered to host fattie's going away party, he's moving to NJ today and his house is packed up so I thought he could have it over here. He brought beer, chips and burgers and I brought....a veggie tray, which I got a bunch of crap for, but hey, some people ate it!! So there! Okay, here's some pics from the party...

First there is me, being :) then Pfeiffer holding Gage in the back with the red hat, Mama tong, Rudy in the front in the red hat (yep same rudy from the first picture in this posting....)half of Corrie in the purple sweatshirt and Cody on the floor in front. Next picture is Mr. Nick and his new woman, Michelle, (sorry 'mandaboo, lol!) and then Fatty's, Mr. Nick, and Guido in a goodbye pic so to speak, followed by a group pic of Fatties and all the buddies, Andre, Chris (quag) tilly, guido, Mike, Steph, Becca, in the front with Fatty's Rudy and half of Corrie again!! good time...okay, tired of typing now...TTFN!

Friday, September 12, 2008

High Note

Well, after the emotional roller coaster of yesterday morning (as depicted previously!) I shut off the computer and took Gage upstairs to fold Laundry and watch something recorded from the day before so I didn't keep seeing 9/11 stuff. I finally got to where I wasn't crying all the time and my brother came over and helped me pull myself together. I picked up miah and cody and ended up crying the whole way home because I explained to them why 9/11 is an important day and why I'm so sad. Well, I got home and got Gage to sleep and then started cleaning out my car. THE GREATEST THING HAPPENED!!!! I found my very special diamond bracelet!!! I thought it fell out the window when I was driving (the clasp stinks, it's my 2nd one), so imagine how excited I was when I found it burried under all the crap that was in my car (it was SO bad guys, the stuff on the floor was basically even with the seats!). After that we went to soccer and had a great practice, I think the game on saturday is going to go much better. We also have the walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, possible bbq at Corrie's house and then Eric gets to FINALLY meet the people in my Eukre club, they're doing like a family day before Eukre night so Eric and the kids finally get to meet everyone. Then Sunday we have a bbq at Chess's house at 10 am to see his new place and then we're hosting a bbq at our house at 3 pm as fatty's going away party....busy, busy, busy!!! Eric hung my doors in my house last weekend (It had been 3 years since I had a bedroom door and we live with VERY curious little boys;-) SO, the only problem was he didnt' get the knobs installed yet, and it's not gonna happen this weekend apparently but soon! I was a total rebel, I got a knob with a LOCK on it for my bedroom, oh yeah!! ok, gotta do school work, ttfn!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!!!

Good video. Made me cry more. A lot more. I just hate that I have so many bad memories that get brought up with the mention of that day and today it's everywhere, tv, internet, radio (which of course are my only entertainment when I'm home with a baby!) It just hurts a lot to remember.....almost too much....and I feel stupid because it's not like anyone I know died or anything....just....crappy

Damn it again!!

I really, really hate 9/11, I always spend the whole day crying...just got back from the dr's office and got this email from my sister-in-law:

I'm trying to wrap up a few things before I's SO crazy here!!!!!! Wanted to give you guys a quick update. The mayor has put an order to close the city of Houston at noon today. There are evacuation zones that are leaving town right now (I'm not in it yet) and those who don't have to leave yet are supposed to stay off the roads. I guess winds get into town tomorrow by noon.... I have to leave here today at noon--bank closing--and my office tower is closing at 1:30. I will be staying with a co-worker of mine, Brandi, out in Katy, Texas--it's about 35 miles West of where I live so we shouldn't get the worst of the storm, although we are on the "dirty" side of the hurricane. I don't think I'd be very safe where I's too close to downtown where they are anticipating flooding, surges, etc.... The only thing we really worry about is having power. I have plenty of food and water and will keep my cell charged if you need to call or email me at I also have a full tank of gas =-) I'm taking little Nala with me too. Love you all! I'll keep you posted! Gotta run.... Alyssa Pfeiffer

I wrote back, "take care sweatheart, I don't need anymore bad memories of 9/11....we love you and be safe." And then I followed that up with a solid bought of hard core crying.....I HATE today...I really just want to find my most comfy sweats and curl up in a ball in bed ALL day it's cold outside....damn the tears.

Damn it!!

So I love Eric's Aunt Eileen to death, she's awesome!! But I wanted to kick her butt for posting this picture and making me sit here and start bawling.....

That day was so hard for me. I mean, I was 6 months pregnant with Jeremiah, I was a boss at a store where one of my employees was a 15 yr old kid who didn't know if his Dad (who was in NY at the towers on a business trip) was alive or dead, James was doing his I'm not in the mood to deal with you anymore BS.....back and forth.....and what happened was just so HORRIFYING.....the tears start falling again....damn IT!!!


I have the cutest baby EVER!!! I know, I know I might be biased just a bit, but look!!

Maybe it's just the outfit? (his daddy has the same super cute brown eyes and he looks oh-so good in dark colors!) So let's see what's been going on.....I signed Jeremiah up for cub scouts (see previus post to see how that went...ugh) Guido has been working with Jeremiah and Cody on their goal shooting and goalie skills so they're better prepared for the next soccer game.

Guido also helped out holding mr. Gage while I cooked dinner. He's so freakin' cute!! Me I've been busy getting into school this semester, loving my classes and just hanging out. Debating whether I want to be a den leader or not AND really trying NOT to think about the fact that it's the anniversary of 9/11....there's just too many memories there....ttfn

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Really good post from my online PM class (I'm the author)

It's ironic that we're discussing this because I actually went to the WORST kick-off meeting ever executed in the history of meetings last night!! It was an informational meeting about cub scouts. I happen to have a background in scouting. My mom worked for the girl scout council for a few years and she also was a den leader and packmaster for my brothers boy scouts so I understand a lot of how it all works. That being said, this meeting was so poorly run that I, being a girl but having background ended up explaining everything to most of the parents!!!So this is what happened. The woman that was there said that she really didn't know what to tell us, because she's just a den leader and the pack master was supposed to be there, "so uh, sorry but yeah, okay....well, lets divide the boys up by age. Okay. So um..yeah..." okay well then the packmaster shows up (30 min late mind you) and tells us the few little things that the other women ALREADY said and then dives right into "Now, you guys all have to leave here and start selling pop corn right away".Well I have experience with scouting and I know why that is so critical so the boys have funds to do things for the rest of the year (camping, birdhouses, etc.) but the group of people that I was sitting with were all mom's (I guess dads couldn't make it?) and had no idea what was going on! The two women told us we had to sell, had us all watch a video on selling popcorn and then had us sit together with the parents of the boys in the same age group. This ended up being two groups, ours of 1st graders and the other group of older boys. Then the two women left us and went and sat and talked with the other parents for 45 minutes!!!! I couldn't believe that the two women split up the parents, and then didn't split themselves up so one of them was talking to each group and answering questions. It was just so frusterating!!!It was so disorganized and just poorly executed. The biggest issue was that this meeting was supposed to be a "parent information meeting" see if you might want to enroll your child in scouting. Not a "YOU MUST SELL" meeting. I kind of grabbed the reins with the moms sitting with me and explained why the popcorn sale is so important and how the meetings work, the kinds of things they can expect the boys to do (learning about trains,going camping, knife safety, building things) and you could just see them visibly relax because they were finally getting the information they needed about what this whole thing was about. It's sad to me to think that because of how those women ran the meeting that I believe probably 3 of the 4 moms that were sitting with me would not have signed their sons up because they didn't get the information they came there to get.It's so critical to be early to your own meeting, have an agenda, have a clear idea of how it's going to be run, how information is going to be distributed, etc. If this had been a project kick-off meeting instead of just a "welcome to scouting" meeting it would have been a disaster! The project would have gotten a horrible, horrible start with no one being on the same page and the disorganization would have had people wanting to quit before the project even began.One final thought about the whole thing, it's really important to think about what information needs to be talked about at the kick off meeting. In this case, the popcorn discussion was a poorly timed decision and a stick in the spoke so to speak that had the whole meeting flipped upside down because it wasn't the information people were there to get and they didn't understand why it was so important.

Monday, September 8, 2008

stuffI've really enjoyed

Today has been kind of a weird day. It's been like so long since I really got into one of my classes. Well, not that long but the last two sessions (so 16 weeks) I've had to take accounting classes online and that is just BRUTAL. I hate online classes, I hate all in all....BLAH! Then on tuesday I started Advanced project management and operations management classes and they are so interesting! I don't know if it's because their in my "area of expertise" I mean, that's what I'm getting my degree in is project management or if it's because I now have only 15 weeks left until I finally, FINALLY get my degree.....I almost cried when I realized it's just a matter of weeks!! I can't believe it! I mean, I guess I always thought I'd get there but it was kind of always so far away....

FYI I am going to have the HUGEST BASH for my graduation!! It is going to be freakin' big...I'm talking good old fashioned kegger!!~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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