Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy busy weekend

Well, the weekend started out a little dissapointing because the boys soccer game that was scheduled at 8 am was cancelled due to the large amounts of rain we got on friday, the field was flooded. We were dissapointed but it ended up being a good thing because we were so exhausted by the time we were done going..going...going on saturday that we ALL (even Gage!) slept in until 10 on sunday morning! Here's what went down....(dun dun dunnnnnn) Friday night, Rudy got all dressed up to go out and of course came by for pictures!!! He's such a sexy beast! We couldn't help but laugh when we remembered how Eric's grandpa was hitting on Rudy at our wedding and then one of his family members (one the conservative nebraskians) pulled Pfeifer outside and was like, "Eric, did you know there is a man here, dressed like a woman?!?!" and he responded, "Oh yeah, that's Rudy!" and the person went, "OMG!!! You KNOW him!?!" TOO FUNNY!!! he's pretty hot though, I'll give him that!

Okay so he came over and so did Carrie, COrrie, and Suzie, Corries Mom and we stayed up WAY TOO LATE but we were having good times...ya know, it happens!

Suzie is pictured here modeling some fancy shoes my mom wants me to sell on craigslist....they look good on her feet, maybe I'll just use that picture to sell them.....hmmmm, I like that idea....okay...moving Saturday morning we have to be downtown by 9am for the JDRF walk (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) it's a 5k they do every year and Corrie asked me to sign up and walk with her.

Guido came out too, so did both her parents, and they brough Miguel and Selena (neice and nephew) Carrie was there too and we had so much fun walking it was just great. It was at america the beautiful park, and I'm going to just put a few of the 50 or so pictures I took on here....

here's everyone (except me!) was absolutely beautiful!!!!here's Miah, Cody and Corrie's nephew Miguel, boys will be boys I guess!!I don't know this person...but dude, it's a pug dog in a baby carrier...a picture just seemed mandatory for posteritie's sake....:~)This statement just got to me...I've never thought of it like that, but that is SO true....
Look at us being total dorks all matching and stuff....even Gage is wearing a matching little shirt!

So The first picture (top left) is all of us that were walking together, except Corrie's dad because he was in line for the bano, you can see Pike's Peak in the background, it's already got snow on it and everything, that's my fav pic of the day, it's just pretty and so many people that I care about are in it...(and we match!!) then there's me and Pfeiffer next to the pond, all that green stuff is ALGEA. Next is one of Jeremiah bustin' an AWESOME move and then Gage, doing what he does best...chillin!!

We hung out at Corrie's afterwards and the men folk ended up cleaning out her gutters, they hooked her up man and the kids glued themselves to the video games, I figured it's cool because they did walk over 3 miles earlier that day, then they played at the park for a while too (Jeremiah got his first bee sting ). Okay then at 4:15 it was off to Eukre club. My mom met us there and we ended up staying there until almost 11, long drive from home so not we loaded the kids into the car (which included having to wake up the sleeping baby) and got home around 11:30 and then off to bed, we were SO TIRED!!!

Sunday we got up at 10 and drove up to monument (30 min or so?) to see our friend Chess's new trailer. It was pretty nice, and he has a lot of home improvements he's planning on so good luck to you chester!! Okay then it was race back home and CLEAN! I had offered to host fattie's going away party, he's moving to NJ today and his house is packed up so I thought he could have it over here. He brought beer, chips and burgers and I brought....a veggie tray, which I got a bunch of crap for, but hey, some people ate it!! So there! Okay, here's some pics from the party...

First there is me, being :) then Pfeiffer holding Gage in the back with the red hat, Mama tong, Rudy in the front in the red hat (yep same rudy from the first picture in this posting....)half of Corrie in the purple sweatshirt and Cody on the floor in front. Next picture is Mr. Nick and his new woman, Michelle, (sorry 'mandaboo, lol!) and then Fatty's, Mr. Nick, and Guido in a goodbye pic so to speak, followed by a group pic of Fatties and all the buddies, Andre, Chris (quag) tilly, guido, Mike, Steph, Becca, in the front with Fatty's Rudy and half of Corrie again!! good time...okay, tired of typing now...TTFN!


  1. Thanks for that! LTM

    Sounds like amazing fun. Paaarty!!


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