Thursday, September 11, 2008

Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!!!

Good video. Made me cry more. A lot more. I just hate that I have so many bad memories that get brought up with the mention of that day and today it's everywhere, tv, internet, radio (which of course are my only entertainment when I'm home with a baby!) It just hurts a lot to remember.....almost too much....and I feel stupid because it's not like anyone I know died or anything....just....crappy

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  1. i cried all morning before leaving for work...

    i was preparing for work 7 years ago...and called all my men into the bedroom where i had a tv on.

    we were awed that some goof in a small plane could run into a bldg.

    then, in the car, on the way in? i figured it out.

    Got to work just as they hit the pentagon, and delivered that news to the pharmacy...only to find out my RPH had a brother working at the pentagon.

    i will never forget the day...the way my stomach hurt and the tears fell...and the sobbing when we finally learned that almost 3000 people perished.

    you aren't alone...we need to remember those people.


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