Friday, September 12, 2008

High Note

Well, after the emotional roller coaster of yesterday morning (as depicted previously!) I shut off the computer and took Gage upstairs to fold Laundry and watch something recorded from the day before so I didn't keep seeing 9/11 stuff. I finally got to where I wasn't crying all the time and my brother came over and helped me pull myself together. I picked up miah and cody and ended up crying the whole way home because I explained to them why 9/11 is an important day and why I'm so sad. Well, I got home and got Gage to sleep and then started cleaning out my car. THE GREATEST THING HAPPENED!!!! I found my very special diamond bracelet!!! I thought it fell out the window when I was driving (the clasp stinks, it's my 2nd one), so imagine how excited I was when I found it burried under all the crap that was in my car (it was SO bad guys, the stuff on the floor was basically even with the seats!). After that we went to soccer and had a great practice, I think the game on saturday is going to go much better. We also have the walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, possible bbq at Corrie's house and then Eric gets to FINALLY meet the people in my Eukre club, they're doing like a family day before Eukre night so Eric and the kids finally get to meet everyone. Then Sunday we have a bbq at Chess's house at 10 am to see his new place and then we're hosting a bbq at our house at 3 pm as fatty's going away party....busy, busy, busy!!! Eric hung my doors in my house last weekend (It had been 3 years since I had a bedroom door and we live with VERY curious little boys;-) SO, the only problem was he didnt' get the knobs installed yet, and it's not gonna happen this weekend apparently but soon! I was a total rebel, I got a knob with a LOCK on it for my bedroom, oh yeah!! ok, gotta do school work, ttfn!

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  1. Awesome about the lock!
    Awesome about the door.
    I think I am just as busy as you, in a different way.
    Plus, I did some crying for 9/11 too.
    It was a little upsetting at breakfast when I mentioned "Hey, do you guys realize what today is?"
    then people got onto me about it.
    Saying things like "We get it some people died."
    I don't want you to cry again thinking about people like that, but they really pissed me off.
    Especially sice they were older than I when it happens and more aware of what it all meant.


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