Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Halloween, already?!?!

Halloween Costume shopping can be so stressful!!! But this year was gangsta' I mean it was perfect, check the pics of what happened.

Jeremiah as a Zombie (thanx Corrie!)

Me in a classic captain momo pose!

okay, me normal (if possible?!?!?) it's called a "pink, punk, pirate costume" I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Cody as the killer from scream.

both boys picked "scary" + "mask" = falling a lot IMO but, we shall see...Halloween is SO MUCH FUN!! We also got a gynormous hairy spider that is curently crawling around the beam that runs across my living room, good times... okay, ttfn!

we're still looking for a chilli pepper costume for baby Gage and Eric is going to pick out his Cpt. Jack Sparrow costume!! I'm SOOOOO Excited about that one!

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