Thursday, September 11, 2008

Damn it again!!

I really, really hate 9/11, I always spend the whole day crying...just got back from the dr's office and got this email from my sister-in-law:

I'm trying to wrap up a few things before I's SO crazy here!!!!!! Wanted to give you guys a quick update. The mayor has put an order to close the city of Houston at noon today. There are evacuation zones that are leaving town right now (I'm not in it yet) and those who don't have to leave yet are supposed to stay off the roads. I guess winds get into town tomorrow by noon.... I have to leave here today at noon--bank closing--and my office tower is closing at 1:30. I will be staying with a co-worker of mine, Brandi, out in Katy, Texas--it's about 35 miles West of where I live so we shouldn't get the worst of the storm, although we are on the "dirty" side of the hurricane. I don't think I'd be very safe where I's too close to downtown where they are anticipating flooding, surges, etc.... The only thing we really worry about is having power. I have plenty of food and water and will keep my cell charged if you need to call or email me at I also have a full tank of gas =-) I'm taking little Nala with me too. Love you all! I'll keep you posted! Gotta run.... Alyssa Pfeiffer

I wrote back, "take care sweatheart, I don't need anymore bad memories of 9/11....we love you and be safe." And then I followed that up with a solid bought of hard core crying.....I HATE today...I really just want to find my most comfy sweats and curl up in a ball in bed ALL day it's cold outside....damn the tears.

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