Sunday, September 21, 2008

and there's a camel...

So this week was somewhat stressful and from the other blog I was reading earlier today from Eric's aunt mine wasn't the only one (the whole dentist sit SUCKS!). Monday Eric and I got into a huge fight AAAAAAAAHHHHHH....outta the blue, and we haven't gotten into a fight like that in freakin' years! (don't worry, we're fine now, we've worked through it and the boat is still sailing despite the brief period of choppy waves) Then wednesday I kept the boys home to spend some time with me and for them to have kind of a "mental health" day. Growing up we always got 1 each semester and we'd get to just have a fun day home with mom. Well after getting my halloween costume and lunch at Red Robins I asked them, "what next?" Well Jeremiah actually requested to go home and watch a movie. HUH? My gogogo child wants to go LAY DOWN AND WATCH A MOVIE? is there home we go to watch a movie. We get everything situated it's about 12:30 and Jeremiah crawls into my lap...OMG he was freaking roasting!! I quickly got him some asprin and waited patiently for his fever to go down.

It's so scary when he gets sick because he hides the fact that he's sick until he's SO sick that he's ended hospitalized twice because of an "unidentifyable" breathing problem. They think he might have asthma or something but they've never been able to clearly diagnose it and it's not really a problem (like with soccer or anything) unless he gets sick, that's when it's a big deal. So I'm paniking but trying to keep it together, Jeremiah's temp never went over 100 so we avoided a dr's visit. He did take a nice long nap, and have a quiet day at home with mom thur and fri just to make sure.

Thur during soccer practice guess what, we got a new couch and a new recliner!!! OH yeah we did!!

I know, beige wall, beige couch, I’ve gotta come up with something so it’s not so freaking BEIGE but it’s microfiber suede and SO much better than the previous couch!
Baby Gage and Daddy enjoying the new chair…it has a built in changing table according to Daddy!

Friday both the boys were off school and Jeremiah had an opportunity to "audition" another cub scout troop (we decided NOT to go with the last one) and so I took him (Gage and Cody stayed with Mama Tong, we'll talk about that in a minute!) and it was so cool, they got to do a tour of the local fox tv station building. We met Stephanie Pitlinski the news anchor (DUDE...I freakin forgot my camera!!! Can you believe it!!!) he got to make images for a weather forcast and then stand in front of the green was a really neat experience.

Okay, back to mama tong, she had taken the day off work and planned to work on removing a stump from her front yard and then picking up Miah and Cody from School and taking them to the movies and them spending the night at her house. So I get a call from her at like 8:30 asking if I have her on earth would I have YOUR ax??? no idea....her response "then it must be guido" "I said maybe he was removing a stump at Corries..." ....looking down at Gage whom I had to stop feeding to get the phone on the other end of the room.....she's still not responding.......finally she says "well, where does corrie live" "peterson and powers" starting to make super duper angry feed me now or die faces.....Me: do you need anything else? her: well, I'm just thinking....... me:I have a baby about to start screaming Her: fine! CLICK! okay......those conversations drive me bonkers...but whatever.....then around noon Guido shows up....

"Dude I just told mom that if her house is on fire, before noon, I don't care, call someone else" Apparently the ax was in guido's trunk from when he and chris went camping, chris put said ax in trunk from mom's house and guido didn't know it was in there. then mom took today off work for stump removal and didn't have said ax so she became enraged and called guido 3 times, then called guido's girlfriend (at work) and she called guido several times I called guido once and his ex roommate called him 2x all before 12. Noon for Guido is like 7 am to a normal person, FYI. So Guido was so POed that his phone went off that many times he freaked out on mama tong. This is just one example of life with a very chaotic, loud and opinionated family can be like, but you know what…..It definitely keeps things interesting! Yeppers, no bordom in this family!

Okay so Eric and I needed to get some paperwork filed downtown but he had to sign the paperwork and could only come home at lunch (1:30) so the problem becomes how do I get downtown, stand in line to file paperwork, and then get the little boys to mom so I can get Jeremiah back downtown for his cub scout thing at 3? Eric comes up with a solution!! (remember she’s POed because she didn’t get her stump removed at all because she didn’t have an AX!) Pfeiffer says, tell her that if she’ll watch the kids longer, I will come over tomorrow after soccer and remove the stump (I’m thinking that’s gonna take, what an hour? ) Cool I can deal with not getting an hour of quality time. She accepted the deal and all was well.
The next day we were up at butt-crack-o-dawn (okay it was only 7 but on a Saturday that’s freakin’ early!) and packed up the baby and headed over to the soccer game. It was great! Cody did a great job at goalie and Jeremiah scored the first goal for the team for the season! YEAH!

Here’s Cody being a very serious Goalie!! HE did so well

Here’s Jeremiah being the team captain for the coin toss!
Now…time to work on that stump. No biggy right? WRONG! First of all there was a dull chain saw blade, so mom went to get a new one, then chain saw breaks, then stump is so big that chain saw doesn’t cut through it so they(meaning Eric) have to resort to cutting it out one wedge at a time… you see my one hour expectation flying out the window?? It did…from 10:30-3:30 that’s 5 hours!! And it’s still not done yet….

Chainsaw shirt on, non-labor intensive…boring…hot hubby with shirt of swinging an ax OH BABY!!! And Jeremiah was daddy’s helper…he tried anyways! So I finally got fed up and went in on the computer (shocking I know) and after some searching I found something freaky. I started reading this girls blog and she’s like my clone! The way she thinks about things mostly…….creepy!! . While I was doing this apparently grammy decided that it was time for Jeremiah to ride his bike without training wheels so off they came and off he went!

So after that I went off to help Corrie with her girlie toy party and Mom watched the boys so Eric could go have MAN time (shooting guns, throwing darts) you know, MAN stuff! And now it’s Sunday and we’ve had a nice slow paced relaxing day!! I was woken up with delivered McDonalds, thanks baby! And then we watched Speed Racer (awesome movie! Very neat special effects) the kids and I made some homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch (my specialty!)
Notice I’m wearing Jammies….all day…oh yeah, I’m a rebel!!
A final note, sometime during the week Gage became interested in “talking” he squeaks and squaks and Coos and giggles (almost! He grins excessively at least!) as long as you keep doing it back…I feel like a goober, but it’s so much fun.
Love you everyone and take care! Don’t forget to take your own mental health day every once in a while. And plan a jammy day the next chance you get!!

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