Wednesday, September 24, 2008

baby food and halloween decorations!!

So, I wrote previously about my attempt to feed Gage some peaches, well, later that day Jeremiah and Cody decided to take their own shot at it. I showed them how, then I snuck out for a cigarette.....when I came back, Jeremiah had taken these pictures of their efforts!!!

I mean, really they got it EVERYWHERE!!!!

EVEN ON HIS FEET!! I had to laugh because they were having so much fun feeding their little brother, they were so PROUD of themselves!!!! They did so good!!

And then today I made the ghostly awesomeness that you see in this bottom picture here. The huge scary hairy spider we got last week. But the ghost thing was this cool stiro-foam skull and then we got a corpse bride costume from good will for $7, the skull was a dollar and then we got a hot glue gun and glued her to a dowel and a wire to spread her arms and this was the end result, OH SO COOL!!!

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