Wednesday, October 1, 2008

everyone needs a little frolicking....

Life can be so joyful and so rough all at the same time.....There’s so much to be concerned about right now from food crisis to economy to security to health issues all over the country. Sometimes if I sit down and think about it all it just seams to be overwhelming. I was reading a story from another woman today on her site and I definitely felt for her on the whole medication thing. I got laid off a week before I went on maternity leave thus leaving our family without health insurance. My sons medication costs $157 a month! AGH! That’s a lot more than the $30 co-pay we’d been able to manage.

Then yesterday my hubby wakes up and can’t go to work because he’s coughing up blood *SCARY* he works construction too so if he doesn’t work, we don’t get paid and with the aforementioned lack of insurance all of that together leads to a big problem. I’m sick too, the baby has been sick and both my older boys were sick last week but I was managing the symptoms and keeping a close eye willing to bear the emergency room bill if it came to that but hoping it was just a cold that would pass.

Luckily both older boys bounced back after a few days and the baby is fine. Just Mommy and Daddy are sick now. Well I call my dr. for an appt for hubby (basically we just wanted to make sure it wasn’t strep or something more serious) and they tell me I have $145 balance from the baby’s appt because the insurance company said he wasn’t eligible for coverage (this was from when I had insurance).

The thing is I’ve had this exact same problem with my other son and his dr. appts and it took 3 weeks and about 50 phone calls between the dr. office, the insurance company and myself to get it sorted out so I know the second she says that 2 things: 1)I get to deal with that whole situation all over again and 2)we have to go to a different dr because he needs to be seen TODAY!

SO, we call hubby’s mom and get the number to her dr. We pay $75 to see him and he sees we’re both sick (NOT STREP as it turns out) and then gives Eric a prescription that is like the smallest that he could have written for cough syrup. I’m like, my regular dr. would have just written him a larger prescription and told us to share with a wink, understanding that we can’t afford to pay 2 $75 fees for him to see us both. He’s done that for me when I’m there for the kids he’s gone ahead and given me a prescription for something that I need. I just wish more people could remove head, from rectum and function!!

On top of all of this my dishwasher died on monday and my brakes started making scary noises on sunday...oh yeah can we please have MORE fun now!!! I'm trying to remain positive so I will leave you with this image.

during our garage sale this past weekend (an attempt at making some much-needed extra cash) I found my little brother's too-too (no idea on the spelling of that one!!) and was inspired to put on this wonderful get up and do a little frolicking. I think everyone needs to frolic at least once a week to keep some joy in your life.

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