Monday, September 1, 2008

Awesome weekend (part 1)

Okay so I actually got a 4 day weekend with all my boys and hubby home friday through today! And boy was it fun! Friday we did the walmart thing and hung out, then Mama tong came over for dinner and ended up hanging out and watching the movie 21 with us, that movie was cool! We made plans to go "garage saleing" the next day. She came over for lunch and off we went! I made a KILLING!! I bought 2 board games, a snow cone maker, some goggles, a lollipop making kit (new in package!) a teenage mutant ninja turtles parascope, a blender, 3 books, a kick and play baby toy for gage, a spa style foot massager that does bubbles, massage, and heat, and the most awesome toy ever!!

Where it's the bright blue color it's filled with water and it came with 2 little remote control boats that we could race around the track! I bought it mostly for Eric because I knew he would have SO MUCH FUN with it! Plus, it was only $20! Awesome! We played most of the afternoon until it was time for us to go to Amber and Brent's (my neice and brother in law) birthday party. Amber turned 5 and Brent the big 35!

Then we raced back to the house because we had to get all three boys packed up for their sleepover with Stephanie, Shelby, and Marla. We also were having game night at our house so while I dropped the boys off, Eric and Guido got the house cleaned up. Then we decided the grown ups would like the motor boat game too so we rolled up the living room rug and set it up.

See how much fun he's having...I knew he'd love it!

Now Duffy's getting into the raceboat action!

Pfeiffer playing, then duffy, then Corrie and Eric watching! Good times! So we put that away and played a game and then decided to mosey accross the street to Chris's going away party. We got over there and never left, we had way too much fun!!

me and Fernando and Rudy

Guido and Corrie...How cute!Me and of chris' many friends also named chris!

Fernando! was his party, definitely looks like he was having a GREAT time!!!

I think Chris was going for the Gangsta' look hard core thug or something!!

You just have to look at Chris's face in this picture and LAUGH!! He was having so much fun!!

And of course, Chris and Eric, I love both those goofy guys!!

Well, Sunday and Monday were very full days too so I'm going to post those's bed time now!!

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