Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, what can I say, it's monday. School is underway, just 7 more weeks and I'll finally have a bachelor's degree, I'm so freakin' stoked! Although it is somewhat disheartening to be looking for jobs at this point and still not being able to check the box next to 'bachelor's degree' and having instead to check 'some college'. It's definitely close to where I can check the next box though, that's good news, right? My little brother is moving to Las Vegas soon and has started sending me job listings out there, subtle hint maybe? Due to recent events Eric and I have been considering moving out of Colorado Springs, maybe even out of Colorado. The trouble is that I probably could have convinced him to move earlier this year when he had NO work at all, but now that his employment is actually starting to pick up he's probably not going to be quite so open to relocation. I know a big part of his concern is not being close to family, because they do help us out so much, whereas my concern lays in the lack of boundaries between us and our families. It's healthy to have boundaries as in, not stopping by without having verbal confirmation that this is acceptable. I guess that always comes down to specific situations and while I wish that my relationship with certain members of my family was more "normal" I know somewhere in my heart that it never will be and that I was a lot more satisfied with my life when those people weren't such an intrinsic part of my everyday happenings. Maybe I can convince him to move to Kentucky where we can be close to other family members and we can take our kids to the lake like I used to do when I was a kid. We'd be closer to Florida and my only remaining grandparents and closer to a lot of the places I lived as a kid...hmmm....this is definitely something that has my attention...I guess we'll see how it goes! I'll let everyone know if and when we're leaving the Rocky Mountains!


  1. I would super love if you lived in Kentucky, but I think I would probably take on the roll of family member who is around waaaay tooo much to be acceptable! LTM. Whatever. Well, you know I support whatever decision you make. You will be able to tell what is best for you and your family.

    Chin up lady, 7 weeks is not long at all. I keep thinking "Only 7 weeks until this semester is over and FLORIDA!" It seems so short right now..

  2. Yeah, I'm trying to remain positive but sometimes it's just a lot to deal with I guess...we're definitely considering relocating somewhere and I highly doubt you would be a relative that comes by too much, after all, you actually have friends, and a life involving activities outside of just school...


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