Thursday, May 21, 2009

my baby is a velocarapter!!

Okay, so Gage now is the proud bearer of 6 teeth, 4 on top, two on bottom. He's worked hard for these teeth getting a fever and really grouchy each time a new one came in and he has recently started biting the spoon when I'm trying to feed him which is cute and irritating all at the same time.

So yesterday was kind of a rough day home with Gage, he's just been really fussy and clingy recently and just always wants to be held which can be a little frusterating when you're trying to maintain some form of cleanliness in the house so that your husband doesn't come home from working a long 12 hour day to look around and say, "what exactly did you do all day?" He's wonderful though, if the house isn't clean, which it usually isn't, he doesn't mind. So yesterday I was definitely a little tired and a little irritated with Gage and it was time to go and get the brothers from school. I got him loaded into the car seat and I accidentally pinched him a little bit when I was trying to get him buckled. He was upset and started screaming. Me, being a big baby just handed him the bottle and said, you're fine. Where's my mother of the year trophy? I left it in my other pants that day...Anyways, I climbed in the front seat and drove us to the school when I went to get him out of the back seat, I found his bottle, looking like this...

I guess I need to work harder to make sure that I don't piss him off lest he turn those chompers on me!

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