Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I thought Mondays were supposed to be crappy.....

Okay, so I know, it's early in the day but really not off to a good start at all. I woke up, not wanting to be anything close to coherent at that point since Eric and I stayed up way too late last night. I was eating my breakfast and since it had been pretty cold recently with a lot of mornings of frozen windows so I figured, hey, why not let Jeremiah go start the car? He's already done eating and it's my father in laws car which is an automatic so I figured Jeremiah could handle it. He looks very enthusiastic at the idea and grabs the keys and runs outside. Two minutes later he comes back in the house, closing the door behind him going, "Oh man....I locked the keys in the car!" I was so not happy. I went outside right away on confirmed that we were in fact locked out with the car running. I called hubby 2x and sent an angry text with no response. I figured I'd just have to take care of it then, so I called locksmiths, 8 to be exact, before finally one answered and said they can send someone right over. After what seemed like forever the guys shows up, unlocks the car and charges me $125...OMG....I couldn't believe how expensive it was. As I was getting my receipt hubby finally calls me back...

Him: "What's up"
Me: "Jeremiah locked the keys in the car and so I just paid a locksmith $125 to open it"
him: "you paid HOW MUCH!?!?!"
Me: "you heard me...you didn't answer your phone and so I was kind of panicking and so I just called until I got someone to take care of it"
Him: "you do realize my Dad has another set of keys for the car and he could have just come over and unlocked it, right?"

and then my head exploded. the end.

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