Friday, October 30, 2009

A new adventure

So...I have thought about writing a book for a long time. I'm certain that more people think about this than you'd expect, you're probably one of them if you think about it. I recently discovered this site which stands for national novel writing month. This month, incidentally is november. Basically, when you sign up, you are going to work your butt off to produce a 50,000 word story no later than midnight November 30th. The emphasis is to push yourself to crank out a story in 30 days and to quote from the guidelines, "the emphasis is on quantity here, not quality" I am looking forward to tackling this project this month and hope to have finally gotten a whole novel down on paper.

That being said, those of you that will be spending Thanksgiving with me, I'll do my very best to be able to put the laptop down for at least a few hours that day, and if I can't, please forgive me!


  1. I wish I was spending Thanksgiving with you to want you to put down the laptop...

  2. I miss you too! It has been way too long since we've spent Thanksgiving together! xoxo!


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