Monday, November 24, 2008

kung foo panda and christmas presents on a budget!

Good morning!'s actually way earlier than I would ever choose to be up but daddy didn't get up with Gage for the 5 am bottle like he usually does so I woke up and went to the bathroom and Daddy got the bottle...end result, daddy and gage are sleeping peacefully and mommy is wide awake since 5:30 this morning....I guess that's the way things go sometimes. We've been super busy (like everyone else on the planet it seems) and have decided to just, as a family, take all of thanksgiving week off. That's right, we're rebels, 9 days off instead of 7..go us! We've been helping my in-laws clean up the house and get it ready for my husbands great grandparents coming to live with them this summer and every summer afterwards for the foreseeeable future. I've also been working on my school, I'm taking advanced psychology right now and then I finish up my degree in the march/april term with senior project and web based marketing....omg...the light at the end of the tunnel is SO BIG RIGHT NOW....I'm just blown away that I made it...I mean, well, not technically yet...but it's so freakin' close, I can TASTE it.

I guess it's because when I found out I was pregnant at 17 with Jeremiah, I was told that this day would never come. I would never be able to possibly finish college and earn a degree if I had kids so young. WELL BOO-YA-KA!!!! ya know? I guess it's just a quiet nice morning in my are still asleep after tummy aches this weekend and a late night last night...hubby is still asleep in light of the not having to work this week and we have a busy day planned of more visiting prison, going to the bank, and organizing homes (with a road trip to the "denver international airport" thrown in the mix).

So....sorry ADD moment here...Kung Foo Panda is totally funny! Go Jack Black! I can't say I understood or found the humor in your earlier stuff but I'm totally diggin' this!

I have to say that it was highly amusing yesterday cleaning out the basement in my in-laws house because I lived there only 5 years ago when Cody was born. So there are things there from Jeremiah's first Christmas and his 6 year old brain just didn't remember that! I showed him the ball I gave him on his very first Christmas and his response was, that's not mine, it's grandmas!

I had to laugh because I think I figured out the secret to Christmas on a budget. Don't get rid of your old stuff, just box it up...then give it to them again when they're older for Christmas, and they think you're AWESOME!! I told Jeremiah he could give his ball, from when he was not even 1 yet to Gage for Christmas and he thought that I was the COOLEST mommy EVER!! Oh well....I have school stuff to do, but this is going to be a great holiday season...hugs to you and yours!!!

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