Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow....not since november eh?

Hmmm...well, as you can see with the approaching holidays my blogging has slowed down. I had a term paper due in psychology last night...that's right...10 pages of narcisim to turn in. YEAH! Basically we've been taking all these personality profile tests to determine factors of our personality (I'm an ENFJ on the MBTI if you're wondering) and apparently I should go into teaching. I can see that I suppose, I'm infinitely curious about things and I also enjoy sharing what I've learned with other people. Some of the best teachers I had were ones that encouraged me to try it by myself and encouraged me to help myself get the information I needed. I think that's a big key to being successful in life. Being able to help yourself when no one else will.

I like to believe the best in people but I also like to make sure that if I somehow end up getting taken advantage of then I like having the faith in myself that I could still survive somehow. In my psychology class we recently did an excercise where she would ask a question and if we agreed with it we stood on one side of the room and if we disagreed we stood on the other side of the room and then we would discuss it.

Well the first question was read thusly, "hypothetically, you are a woman in germany in world war two and you are in a concentration camp and your family has escaped capture and is getting notes to you from the outside letting you know that they're safe and that you need to find a way to escape and get to where they are. The camp you are in has been releasing woman who become pregnant while in the camp. Would you try to get one of the guards to get you pregnant in order to be released and join your family, safely, on the outside?" Well my answer was an immediate YES! I wouldn't like it, but knowing what I know about conditions in concentration camps and knowing that you never knew if you were getting a shower or death...uh, yeah...I'd be trying to get knocked up to get outta there in a heartbeat!

One of the other guys in the class that said NO WAY said that if he did that then his marriage couldn't survive. If his WIFE did that, he couldn't possibly take her back. SERIOUSLY?????? Explain to me how her submitting herself to something humiliating in order to save her life is somethign she did WRONG!? When I got home I asked my husband the same scenario and asked what he would want me to do...he's like, I would expect you to do whatever you have to do to stay alive and come home to me. We'll deal with whatever had to happen for us to be reunited together.

THANKS HUBBY!! I don't understand why some people think they are so much better than someone else just because their circumstances have been more fortunate. Why does you being born into a family with money make you better than me? The guy that said that he couldn't take his wife back interestingly enough, is a total jack ass. I mean, he's rude, arrogant, RICH and cynical. Ironically he was raised by missionaries! Yes, the wonderful preachers of organized religion. He's embarrassed that his parents are missionaries and he actually is an athiest. I just don't get it. How can someone coming from a background of religious teaching rebel so much against the concepts of putting faith in other people and looking for the good in someone. He's made several comments that are so IGNORANT I'm surprised my jaw hasn't detached itself and actually hit the table.

Now, I'm not a religous person, more of a spiritual one I suppose but most of my problems with religion come from the church and it's role throughout history used to control and manipulate people rather than actually being there for people to really "find god" whatever that means. I just try to approach each person and each situation seperately simply because there are so many factors that contribute to why a person behaved or reacts that you just can't say 'ALWAYS'. People change, grow, learn, every single day.

I'll be really glad next wednesday when I take my final in psychology...then I get 2 months off of school to focus on getting my website up and running. That's the exciting news on that front. We also found out that my hubby might have scoliosis...kind of scary to get that news. So much has been going on it's a wonder I can even keep it straight.

Ah well...some food for thought....Don't try and make someone agree with you, provide them with your experiences and explanations for things and leave it at that. I think you'll find that people will change faster and better on their own if you don't force them to.



  1. That break sounds much-needed.... Where can I find pics of you tattoos?

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