Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My little bug is growing up...

Sometimes it's the little things that can make my day better. For a while I've been getting Gage the little toddler meals for lunch, usually because I don't really cook anything for myself for lunch, I just make ramen or something like that, not really healthy toddler lunch fare. Now, Gage eating these little meals either ends up with me sitting there forever to feed it to him bite by bite OR me giving him a spoon and letting him make a disaster of his face, his clothes, the high chair, etc.

The clean-up of which would typically require a bath, a wordrobe change for him and a good wipe down for me, and then me swearing on waiting on the whole eating with a spoon thing until he's older.

Today however, it finally paid off. Finally, all the days of disgusting, slimey baby culminated in this wonderful video! NO MESS!

Angels were singing a light shined on him from above....it was GLORIOUS! Okay, maybe I'm SLIGHTLY exagerating....but man, it was a good moment to see that he can eat, with a spoon and the mess was almost non-existent. WONDERFUL! IMMD!

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  1. Man, when I saw him he was still working in that crawl, now he's functioning on his own. How fast the days go by!


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