Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the pursuit of a smaller ass.....

So, one of my favorite foods, discovered as an adult mind you, is Chicken fried steak and country gravy. We never had this in my house because of my fathers aboration of things that are fried, and things that are swimming in gravy (the man knows how ruin the experience of a Carls Junior western bacon cheeseburger too so don't take him with you if you're wanting to clog your arteries, I'm just sayin!) I wish that I hadn't ordered that first chicken fried steak skillet at Village iInn...I can't say that convincingly even to myself, that stuff is just SO FREAKIN' GOOD!

One of the things I try to get occasionally is the chicken fried steak meal that's on special on wednesdays at KFC, for just $3.99 you get chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, coleslaw and a biscuit. Pretty good deal right? Well, knowing that by definition chicken FRIED steak is going to be bad (in the bestest kind of way) I decided that in order to "reward" myself with this wonderful, wonderful meal, I would walk there and back with Gage (well, pushing Gage) that way, I would be doing something good to offset the bad. Good thinking right? According to Mapquest, KFC is 1.13 miles away from my house. We set out walking, it went pretty well as far as Gage being good and sitting quietly and you know, we didn't get hit by a car or anything. Other than that though the walk proved to me that I am so horrifyingly out of shape I kinda grossed myself out and pissed myself myself.

You see, last year about this time I was loving being at home with my son, I was going out wearing him in his little sling, meeting people randomly, I was going and doing, and loving life and I was also losing weight. So much so that by my birthday in february I was able to buy and wear a pair of size 9 pants...that's right, single-digit pants. Things were good. Then things were not so good. A lot of crap happened this year and I shut down. I started just kind of drifting from day to day and not really enjoying the good stuff and just kind of wading through the bad. That's probably why my blogging dropped off so much this year. I'm working on getting my head back in the game so to speak and with that comes the anger and frustration with myself for letting that kind of wallowing reverse all the good things I had done as far as getting myself in better physical shape. Needless to say, I unfortunately gained back all the weight I had lost +10 lbs. This is horribly depressing.

By the time I got to KFC (and then again on the way home) I was red-faced, sweaty, and out of breath. You'd have thought that I'd just run a race for my life. I was pathetic and sad and I had a pain in my chest, and I can't breath....oh wait that last part was from a George Lopez routine...but it was almost that bad. At that point I wanted to cry. I got over that and went and got my chicken friend steak meal anyways because damn it, I walked there, I looked like a gross sweaty pig and I earned it! Gage played with his hot dog meal, only eating the teddy grams and I ate my food, sharing half the biscuit and half the coleslaw with Gage.

As I huffed my way into the condo complex where I live I was thinking about how good it was that I at least got off the couch and did something physical that even though it was difficult, will be a small step in the right direction because I definitely need to get this ball rolling again. Not so much because I want to be skinnier, but because of the process I went through last year, I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities and it strengthened my relationship with my husband and my children and some of my friends.

Here's to the long and difficult journey ahead of me to hopefully see single digit numbers on the inside of my pants!!


Chicken fried steak w/white peppered gravy 390 calories
Mashed potatoes 100 calories
Coleslaw 180 calories
Biscuit 180 calories
Honey sauce ?calories ( didn't have it listed)
Total Calories for the meal 850 calories
- 180 (for half the coleslaw and biscuit gage ate)
770 calories I consumed

2.26 mile walk round trip
187 calories burned

770 eaten - 187 burned = 583 calories for lunch...not too bad, especially since breakfast was a 270 calorie cup-o-noodles.

Notes to self for next time getting this meal:

1)biscuit gets the axe...sorry biscuit, you're just not 180 calories + honey calories worth of good

2) sub 30 calorie green beans for 180 calorie coleslaw

These two cuts alone bring the meal back down to a reasonable 520 calorie meal while still being delicious.

And a final note...I just realized that the honey you get at KFC is not just honey....I know...I'll give you a moment to gasp! I was shocked myself, it's okay!

The ingredients to the Colonels Honey Sauce are as follows: High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Honey, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Carmel Coloring..... that killed the delicious honey biscuit goodness....thanks a lot KFC!


  1. You have encouraged me to get healthier... well, to exercise more.

    Let's see what happens!


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