Sunday, August 17, 2008

ahhhh, Sunday....

Well, first let me start off by saying my Camera is officially dead :( what a horrible time for this to happen!! Gage is smiling a lot now and he's absolutely adorable and I'm missing all these cute moment's I should be catching on film (or digital file I guess!) I'm working on getting a new one, someone was selling a used one on craigslist for like $25 so I'm probably going to check that out because a new one is just not in the cards right now.

To follow that with good news though...the paper that I rushed to write last week after the concert...I got a 105 out of a possible 110 points, Oh yeah!! His only comment was that sub-headings would have added to the impact of my, right...okay..WHATEVER!!

Well, this was a good weekend starting off with that nice friday home w/my hubby, gotta love that! That night was Duffy's birthday party at Joe's Bar...good times man! Except for me having to sing Karaoke (no idea how to actually spell that) ABBA's Dancing Queen...UGH! We had to do it, Carrie and Corrie did too! Because we had all gone to see Mama Mia a couple of weeks ago and Corrie had wanted to sing at her b-day but we didn't get to it that night, so I owed her one for sure! There was a bunch of old guys there recovering from a golf tournament that morning and they bought our whole party a drink, COOL!! Thanks old guy!! Eric of course sang Vanilla Ice for everyone and both my brothers made it out, I was stoked! I love getting the chance to hang with them. Chris sang walking in memphis, he's so good at singing, I love it!

Saturday we kind of hung out....we cleaned a bit in the evening because well, it needed it..(it always freakin needs it!) and my Dad and step mom stopped by with some school uniform shirts they got for the kids, they're awesome! Then Shannon called and asked if Nicholas could come over and play with the boys so they could go to a party for one of James' friends from work. He was a pleasure but wasn't too sure about sleeping over so mom and dad dragged themselves from the party and came over and hung out for a bit then took their little guy home. Miah and Cody were dissapointed their friend wasn't sleeping over, but I think they got over it....hopefully next time they can have a friend spend the night. Oh yeah, and while the boys played Eric and I screamed watching our Colorado Rapids beat the wizard's 2-1, Thank goodness, we need all the points we can get right now if we want to make the playoffs!!

Today we went shopping I LOVE COSTCO!! and did LAUNDRY. We just have too many clothes! The boys had like 30 non-school T-shirts.....way too many! So we went through everything and they each picked like 5 to keep just to get the amount of clothes down. My mom is planning on making a quilt for them out of their favorite t-shirts between now and when they graduate highschool, i think it should be neat. They already have some that are special, like their miller family reunion t-shirt, their I'm the big brother t-shirt and their t-shirt they got when they went to "mountain rushmore" as Cody calls it, with their grammy.

Oh well, gotta go, baby calling!!

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