Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Things are going well right now. I've loved having the opportunity to watch almost all the the summer olympics (at least what is available to watch). There are so many moments that bring a tear to the eyes from amazing defeat or horrifying problems. Like the weight lifter whose elbow dislocated or that Japanese male gymnast who fell while doing a flip on the rings...he flipped all the way down and when he hit, he looked like a rag doll, it was awful. Then there were the amazing moments, when the guy from tonga (sp?) won the first olympic medal for his country in any olympics, in any event, ever! How cool! SO far our US Women's soccer team **MY FAVORITE TEAM OF COURSE!! are doing well, after that last game agains New Zealand that put us to play Canada in the quarterfinals. We beat Canada 2-1 in the final seconds of the game....I was very dissapointed that this game didn't air here :( I always love to watch those girls play! Okay, enough about sports!

Today started off so nicely, Eric didn't have to work today so he got up with the kids and took them to school (I made sure to pack lunches, snacks and backpacks last night to make it easier for daddy this morning!) then I held Gage while he got the boys dressed and helped them make their beds and then he took Gage with him to drive the boys to school and I got to go back to sleep. I expected to see them shortly so I was surprised when I woke up and it was almost 10! Eric let me sleep in, he's awesome man! I came downstairs and we ate and talked for a little bit and then we decided because it's kinda rainy and cloudy to all three of us go climb back in bed and snuggle under the covers. Gage was making the cutest faces and Eric and I were joking around and laughing so much I actually cried a little bit and he said his face hurt from smiling so much! Those are the moments that I just cherish, that complete joy in the moment!

Yesterday, was such a hard day I think that's part of the reason that just hanging out this morning was so nice. The day started out pretty good. I took the boys to school, then Gage and I had a bacon and leek omlet at la baguette (my absolute favorite!!) and then we went to walmart to check out their home furnishings because Pat told me they were having a lot of mark downs on those things. I got some picture frames to finally frame my wedding pictures and then I started looking at bedding and after much debate, I decided to re-do the kids bedroom with speed racer stuff. They've been so good with their little brother and helping with the baby and then they've never really had nice comforter sets before so I was excited. I also got eric and I some new sheets and a new comfortor (and like 6 pillow cases for all our pillows...I didn't get enough cases though!). Oh yeah and I got Pat Benetars greatest hits album.....I couldn't resist!!
So I get home and I start cleaning and cleaning and cleaning I get the kids room spotless and their beds re-done and made up with the new bedding, then I get the upstairs bathroom super clean! These are the things that have been neglegted with baby Gage being so demanding of attention! So I'm all excited to be getting a huge amount of deep cleaning done. So I start cleaning my bedroom which is where the TV is upstairs and is where the kids play their PS2. so I start cleaning and I'm finding game after game after game all over the floor out of the cases, some brand new, some borrowed from a friend and then I find wrappers from granola bars and half eaten granola bars and OMG bugs!!! I haven't been able to see the floor in my room for a little while now (SCARY I know) but I spend all day and most of the night downstairs with the baby so when I'm in my room sleeping that's all I'm doing and so I was shocked and so freakin' pissed to find all that stuff on the floor. I came up with about 15 differnt punishments for them all getting progressively worse and harsher. Finally I called Eric for his opinion and we decided that they would loose their playstation 1 day per game that was on the floor, same with all their movies, 1 day per movie that was ended up being 18 days of no video games and 2 of no movies. I just hope that this gets the point accross to them!! I have more to say but Eric is going to go get cheesey bread for lunch, yeah louies!! And so I have to get the baby! TTFN!

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