Monday, August 18, 2008

lifetime achievement

I forgot to mention that I achieved something last night that I never thought I would. I successfully made RICE!!! Okay, sounds stupid, I know, but whenever I make rice on the stove it always comes out still wet or not cooked all the way through or's just never good! So, I was super excited a year or so ago when I got a rice cooker/vegetable steamer thingy. I thought, finally, I can make good rice!! ALAS, it was not to be :-( I made rice with it a couple of weeks ago and it was GROSS!! So, I made stir fry for dinner last night, chicken w/snow peas and onions, super good and I was like I'm going to try to make rice again. So I got out the manual for the steamer and read through the whole thing and realized that I left a part of the cooker still in there that you only use when steaming veggies, not cooking rice. So, Ifigured it out and when the timer beeped I was so worried that it wasn't going to be good AGAIN, but it was AWESOME!!! I was so excited and proud that I had finally been able to do this!!

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