Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Soccer

OMG!!! We kicked New Zeland's BUTT 4-0! The game aired around 5 am on tues morning and we recorded it, then I waited....very patiently I might add, to watch the game, I'm so glad that I waited to watch it with Eric because it was SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! We scored their first goal at 43 seconds olympic record for women's soccer for the fastest goal ever scored! Then in the 43rd minute we did it again!!! And all this without Abby Wombach who broke her leg in an exhibition match against brazil back in July..... To add to the intensity of the game, at the same time the US vs New Zeland game was going on, Japan was playing Norway. Because of points standings in group G (which is made up of the afformentioned 4 teams) we were hoping that the US was going to pull out somethign amazing and that Japan would beat Norway! Well because of the 4-0 score we ended up with and then Japan BEAT norway 5-1 putting US in first place for this bracket!! I would have loved to have been there and I really really am proud that our team came back after last years world cup loss and the loss of abby just a month before the olympics, I hope we can keep it up!! I would have loved to have been in on this huddle!!

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