Friday, August 22, 2008


Ok, so you probably know how much I've been looking forward to watching the Gold medal game usa vs brazil. Here's what happened. First off, I thought the game was on fri (nope that's the mens final!) so I got on the computer thursday morning, then I was on facebook and realized that I wrote "can't wait to see the final on thursday" so of course I look on the DVR and yeah, it's being recorded, ok. So I had invited Carrie and her mom over to watch the game, and I invited our friend Rudy. Then I invited my brother and Corrie. Well, I get home with the kids from school to find out Eric is coming home from work early and that Carrie and Rudy aren't coming, Guido may come back later and Corrie hadn't responded. SO this means we can watch the game right away when we get home, YES!!! So, I get home and turn on the block of recording time where the game is supposed to be (on the DVR the olympics record in 12 hour blocks with several differnet sports all there and then you have to fast forward to what you want to watch.) So I'm fast forwarding and fast forwarding and then there's only 15 minutes left in the time block and the came starts....i only recorded 15 minutes of the game OMIGAUD!!! what am I going to do?!?!?!

Keep in mind that I was so excited to see this game that when I was on the phone with anyone that day and they said, "guess what?" I would rip the phone away from my ear and yell if it has anything to do with the game, don't tell me, I don't want to know!! Which was pretty extreme considering that most of the people that I know don't give a crap about soccer, but I didn't want to know who won, I wanted to watch the game and find out. Well, my consolation was that I knew for SURE they would have the game available to watch on Only problem....I knew that if we got on the website to find the game that we would undoubtedly come accross the results of the game and that would spoil everything!! So we called my brother chris who lives accross the street and asked him to come over, log into my laptop and find the game and get it started so we could watch it without seeing the score on accident. Well he was down town so he said he'd come by soon and help us out.

Right then, my aunt peany calls and is in town and wants to hang out, well, we're gonna watch soccer but that's fine! Eric and I speed clean the house then watch the beginng of the game which we recorded. okay first 15 minutes, we're looking pretty good, no goals scored...SO EXCITING!! Now Chris gets here and starts looking for it, not finding it. He can't find the game on the website....keep looking, you can do it! I think I even told Eric I'd make him do it if Chris couldn't find it because I had to watch the game and see! So while he's looking Aunt Peany shows up. Well, it was nice to have that distraction because that gave Chris some time to work. Well he found the game and I had him get it all ready. Then because I haven't seen Aunt Peany since last October we hung out and talked. Well Corrie called back because she couldn't understand my message, I told her we planned a party then everyone cancelled then we didn't even have the game to watch so now it was pretty much going to be Eric and I huddled together on the couch watching the game on the laptop, but she could join us! She said no thanks and that was cool. So Aunt Peany and I were hangin out and Eric went to get Pizza and booze to have during the game.

When he got back I had decided to start the game then....Eric's parents showed up because they wanted to know if I could look up something online, I was like, um, sorry but NO WAY!! I'm finally watching THE game!! Well they hung out for a bit and were laughing at me intently watchign the game on the computer and they left after a while. Well Corrie changed her mind and ended up coming over so she sits down next to me and starts laughing at my intensity while watching the game, oh and the computer speaker only worked when she held it a certain way so that gave her something else to deal with! Well, Guido calls and said that he's watching the 49ers game so he can't come over until it's done. Then he calls back adn says wait, you're watching soccer on the laptop so can I turn on the football game on the TV? SURE! So I'm screaming and yelling at the computer screen yelling GO GO GO!!! SHOOT!! GET IT OUTTA THERE!!!! stuff like that and Guido shows up and turns on football on the TV and half the people in the room are screaming for the 49ers yelling TOUCHDOWN!! INTERCEPTION!!! It was two intense games going on at the same time and two very loud audiences, it was a blast! And fairly confusing for anyone who happened to walk by at the time I'm sure!!

Well, USA won 1-0 against for brazil in the 96th minute (that's right in OVERTIME!!) it was such a great game and I loved how we were able to watch it with friends and family, it was great!

We all ended up going up in my bedroom and watching big brother that I had recorded and the comedy central roast of bob saget! Guido and COrrie took off, and Aunt Peany spent the night on the couch. It was a great night and a ton of fun!!!

Thanks guys!

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